Opponent Scouting: Atlanta Hawks.

 Tonight the Pistons will be in Atlanta to play the Hawks at 7:30. The Hawks will be resting some of their starters supposedly. The game will only be available on league pass as far as I know. (And I'm counting on it because I won't be able to watch it live.)



The Them:

The Hawks are a good team, but they will be resting some of their guys but they don't know for sure which ones. Dwight Howard is still way better than people give him credit for, Paul Millsap might be the 2nd best player in the conference, Kyle Korver can freaking shoot 3s, Kent Bazemore is what we hope KCP can become, and Dennis Shroder is really fast and can finish around the hoop. They have a few nice players coming off the bench like Tim Hardaway and Mike Scott, but nothing of particular note. One thing for Pistons fans is that we will likely see a Will Bynum appearance as he is trying to make the team.


Matchups to watch:

  • Andre vs. Dwight:

    If Dwight plays at least, should be at least kind of fun to watch. Two behemoths who are great athletes and rebounders.

  • Pistons vs. Pick and Roll:

    The Pistons have run almost no pick and rolls with Ish and Andre in the first 2 preseason games. My theory is that SVG wants to work on other things because he already knows Ish and Andre can run a pick and roll, but given how flat the offense has generally looked in the first two games I'd rather see at least a few pick and rolls just so we can go “Ok when they are actually trying they can have a nice offense.”

  • Ray McCallum vs. Standing out:

    McCallum figures to get run as the backup PG tonight (SVG said he would just alternate between the two) and I would say Brown has a slight edge right now, but not by much. Neither of them have done much to stand out, and if one can have one nice game where they really look good it could swing them onto the regular season roster. So lets see if McCallum can make himself stand out from Brown, otherwise Brown will get the same chance next game.

  • Jon Leuer vs. Good?

    Leuer has been awesome in the first two preseason games. I'm curious if that is actually how good he is, but also waiting for a game where he looks bad.


So in conclusion...


Wink knowingly at your friends if:

  • Ish and Andre destroy fools with the pick and roll.

  • McCallum scores 20 points.

  • Jon Leuer is still leading fast breaks to perfection.

  • Stanley Johnson does something good worth noting.


Run for the hills if:

  • The Hawks are dicks and bang a drum, and Andre misses tons of free throws.

  • KCP is still bricking away.

  • The Pistons actually run some pick and rolls, and it looks bad.


Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • KCP finds his shot for at least one night.

  • There are more pick and rolls, and they look good.

  • McCallum doesn't do anything of note.


What do you think? How will they do tonight? Will KCP find his game?

Joseph Sinke