Opponent Scouting: #FEARTHEDEER *deer noise*

Where was last games recap?

I don't know man. I was going to watch the game on replay because I was busy with the train, and then they never made it available on league pass. So yeah, sorry about that.


Tonight the Pistons welcome the Bucks to the Palace at 7:30. The game is not being locally televised but will be available for streaming on Pistons.com locally.



The Them:

The Bucks are a fellow young and upcoming team, led by Giannis Antetokoumpo, the 6-11 point guard. Michael Carter-Williams was just traded for Tony Snell, I don't know if they will get Snell into this game or not. Jarbari Parker has looked solid so far in the preseason, and Outback Jesus is still doing his thing. They have somewhat of a lack of depth on the wings without Kris Middleton, who will likely miss the entire season due to injury, but they will still likely be a tough team all year.


Matchups to watch:

  • Lineups: The Pistons have already confirmed that Morris, Johnson, and possibly Baynes will not be playing tonight. The Bucks also have guys that have not played in some preseason games. For the Pistons, there will certainly be more minutes for Gbinije, and possibly Boban/Ellenson.

  • Pistons vs. Their biggest weakness: One of the most glaring weaknesses the Pistons currently have is defending non-centers who are too big for KCP. The Bucks best 2 players (and Middleton is big enough to give KCP fits as well. If the Bucks and Pistons are the future of the division, they could be a bad matchup for the Pistons) are just that in Giannis and Parker. On the plus side, neither of them are terribly effective from distance (yet) so they spend a lot of time in the paint allowing for Andre to give help with more ease than normal.

  • KCP vs. Calming my nerves: Look, its preseason, it doesn't mean much as to when the games start counting. But it sure would be nice if KCP could just have on of his super games where he shoots lights out just so that people could stop worrying, for at least a moment, about whether or not KCP's shot was broken. More than that though, he HAS to be smarter with his shot selection, because that is not something that will fix itself over time, bad shots in the preseason will still be bad shots in the regular season.

  • Gbinije vs. Good? He had a rock solid debut in a Pistons uniform, and especially if KCP continues to build up stores for his new construction business, there could be more minutes available on the wing than originally thought. SVG has already said that Gbinije is in the mix to win a rotation spot, and if he puts in 2 more good preseason games he will make his case that much stronger.

  • McCallum vs. Standing out: Same story here, I would say that Brown still has a slight edge, but not by a lot. One really good game from either of them could swing the balance. And tonight McCallum will get a chance again. (Also likely his last one of the preseason.)


So in conclusion...


Wink knowingly at your friends if:

  • KCP scores 30 points.

  • Gbinije is actually looking like a viable 3 and D wing.

  • Boban ends someones life with a dunk again lol. I love having him on the team so much.


Run for the hills if:

  • SVG has to explain to KCP that wasn't what he meant when he told them to “Build a fucking wall.”

  • McCallum just looks “meh” again.

  • Andre misses more free throws.


Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • KCP catches fire from deep, if only for one game. (its bound to happen eventually)

  • Gbinije keeps looking like he might be playing this year.

  • Ish has 0 turnovers again.


What do you think? Is Gbinije going to win a rotation spot? Brown or McCallum?


Programming note:

I've been super busy, but there will be a podcast tonight or tomorrow morning, and it will be fairly regular from here on out. Also the player season previews are going to come fast a furious over the next week.

Joseph Sinke