Waaay too in depth Reggie Bullock season preview.

This is the 10th player preview. At this point we are out of the (projected) sure things to be in the rotation. Given that the rest of the guys have less things to talk about, these ones will be at least a bit shorter.


Here is Reggie's basketball reference page so you can follow along with all relevant stats. (Also if you scroll down you will find a little easter egg on his page.)



Here is his shot chart from last year, although he played so little that it is not of much help.


Where he stands now:

Reggie is fighting for a spot in the rotation, and by my estimation would currently be ahead of Hilliard and Gbinije, possibly even Stanley for minutes at the SG position. He is on the last year of his rookie contract and will become a restricted free agent at the end of the season.


What to generally expect from him this year:

Reggie is going to be fighting for playing time at the SG position with Darrun Hilliard, Micheal Gbinije, and Stanley Johnson. As of now I would probably say that he has an edge over Hilliard and Gbinije for minutes but it will likely be a season long fight until one of them proves to be totally reliable. The general hope would be that he is able to be a reliable role player who can shoot and play a little defense even if he does not have a regular rotation spot.



On offense Reggie is a complimentary player, and down the stretch of last year where he played the best ball of his NBA career, he was close to a perfect complimentary player. It all starts with his shooting, which he is very good at from all over the floor and especially in the corners. (He did not shoot great from above the arc last year but small sample size applies there.) And he finished last year as the Pistons best shooter, shooting 41.5% from 3, and SVG came out of training camp saying as much. Not only is he very accurate but he has a very quick and fairly high release making him an ideal guy to have running around screens and spotting up as he does not need very much space or time to get his shot off.

His second best offensive attribute is his quick decision making, when he catches the ball on the perimeter he rarely will stand and hold the ball while he decides what to do, he will either shoot, pass, or dribble into the lane very quickly, and his passes are usually right on target. Even though his ball movement and quick decisions do not really show up in the stats in a major way, it is a very real help to the offense.

The one thing that is a very real downside to Reggie's game is that he is not a very good ball handler, and the preseason did not show much improvement in that area. Not that he can't dribble the ball a bit, but when he actually tries to penetrate against a fairly prepared defense he often gets himself into bad positions where he is forced to either throw up a bad shot or a bad pass.

In the end his shooting is the most important thing for him to keep up, as the Pistons still do not have very many proven shooters on the roster, and if the guys that are unproven (KCP, Stanley, Tobias, Leuer, etc.) trend towards being poor, having Bullock keep up his scorching outside shooting from last year will be more important. Although if those guys trend upwards then Bullock's shooting would theoretically be less needed.



On the defensive end it is not terribly complicated for Bullock, he is not terribly big but does have pretty quick hands and feet and he plays hard. Sometimes he seemed to be a little bit out of control in his pursuit of ball handlers and shooter resulting in him occasionally getting drawn into foolish fouls or losing his guy altogether. The reality is that Bullock does not have a particularly high ceiling as a defensive player, and with the way he plays offense being a smart and hard working defensive player is enough. Although if he could add a little bit of muscle that would not be the worst thing.



From what I have seen Reggie is a good guy who is a hard worker, and some of the stuff about his brother/sister that came out this past summer also showed him to be a really good guy, and his twitter is almost nothing but inspirational and motivational quotes all day every day. Obviously I have no idea what sort of a person he is day in and day out but from what we as fans can see, he seems like a good dude.


So in conclusion...


Wink knowingly at your friends if:

  • Reggie is raining death from 3 again.

  • He ends up looking like he is a little bit stronger and more able to handle bigger guys on defense.

  • He is pushing major minutes on the wing due to his good play and not because of others poor play.


Run for the hills if:

  • He is getting minutes not because he is playing well, but because others are playing poorly.

  • He is missing everything with his shot again.

  • He goes to the D-League at any point.


Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • Reggie shoots over 40% from 3.

  • By the end of the year he is in the regular rotation.

  • He is playing over 20 minutes per night by the end of the year.


What do you think? How will Reggie do? Will he win minutes in the rotation?


Programming note:

Also, there will be several other posts today and today is a podcast day so keep an eye open!

Joseph Sinke