Game Recap/Notes: Game #16, Pistons 107 - Heat 84. (7-9)

Wonderful game. As several other people have put it: I liked the part where everything went well. Seriously though, the Pistons dominated the game from one end to the other over a team that they should be able to handle. Once again, it is tough to have lost the previous two games, but they were right there and sometimes you lose close games. It was big for the Pistons to win this one to make sure that it does not become a total spiral downwards.


Box score.


Ish Smith:

Ish only ended up playing 18 minutes tonight courtesy of garbage time. And he did just fine in those minutes, 6 points on 7 equivalents, 2 assists and no turnovers. He pushed the pace well and kept the offense moving the way you want it to, while also playing rock solid defense. Fine game for Ish.



Points were there for the taking for KCP, as Dion Waiters and Tyler Johnson tried to chase him around the court, very poorly, and KCP cashed in on a bunch of open looks, and even got a couple of the not open ones to fall. He still took like 3 shots that were dumb, but this is KCP in his best offensive form, not being a creator or anything, just looking for ways to get himself open and at the very least putting some stress on the defense. His 22 points on 16 equivalents is very good, and efficiency should be the name of the game for KCP. He is taking easy shots and should not be taking hard shots, as such he should be efficient. Obviously he won't be this efficient every night but this is the sort of game he should play. Defensively he was not hugely impactful, Dion Waiters can't score on anyone, but he certainly was a excellent cog in a very good defensive night for the Pistons.


Greater Morris:

Quiet night for Morris, offensively he struggled, which was a bit worrying because he had guards switched onto him pretty regularly, and ended up with just 7 points on 10 equivalents. Defensively the Heat don't really have any threatening wing players anyways so he didn't have much impact there either, but like KCP, was certainly a excellent cog in a great night defensively for the team. The one spot where Morris did stand out in a good way was with his passing, as he finished the night with 6 assists against just 1 turnover.


Tobias Harris:

17 points on 17 equivalents, 6 boards, and 3 assists. Tobias was given the tough buckets and he largely came through even if it wasn't his most efficient offensive game. Tobias often does his best work when the Pistons offense bogs down, and it never really happened in this game. Defensively he is the same as the previous 3, he didn't really do anything special, but was a good cog on the night. Good night for Tobias.


Andre “Elite” Drummond:

Going against the man who has the best chance to dethrone him as rebounding king of the NBA in Hassan Whiteside, Andre destroyed him. Like total and complete destruction. Andre was by far the best player on the floor, and much like KCP he was in his best form. 18 points on 9-12 shooting, 15 rebounds, an assist, 4 steals, and 4 blocks in just 26 minutes is pretty remarkable. And I admit that I wish SVG had let him play a bit in the 4th to try and get a 20/20 game. Andre put in a defensive performance that is (probably) only second to the Boston game. He controlled the paint, and held Whiteside to just 6 points and 8 rebounds, and looked totally defeated from the get go. Andre straight up stuffed Whiteside on a couple of occasions which was super cool, and was super active searching for lazy passes. Offensively he was mostly away from post ups, but rather cleaning the glass and getting the ball in the pick and roll while setting mean screens all across the floor. I am fine with Andre getting some post ups, but I do think they went too far the last few games. It is important to remember that there are ways to get Andre the ball and involved in the offense other than just post ups. Especially with his floater game, I want to see him catch the ball at the free throw line going towards the hoop more. He can get to the rim without a dribble from there, has a nice floater, and has good vision for passes. Either way, this game was such a blowout largely thanks to Drummond's efforts and it was great to see.


Beno Udrih:

Played 29 minutes courtesy of garbage time, scored 12 points on as many equivalents, had 5 assists, and screwed up bad on a couple of defensive possessions. I am surprised by how comfortable he seems to be on the floor with the team given how late he joined. Admittedly he is a vet who's game is very easy to be compatible with, but still. It is a big testament to Beno as well as the Pistons coaches for just how good Beno has looked, you could have said that he has spent the last couple years running the Pistons bench mob and I would believe you based on his play alone.


Jon Leuer:

Another night another quietly nice night for Jon Leuer. 11 points on 6 shots, 4 rebounds, an assist, and a huge block. One of his buckets was a full court alley oop that was very cool as well. Leuer was somewhat responsible for allowing a Josh McRoberts lead comeback in the first half that got the Heat as close as they would be the whole game, but that is not the end of the world. Leuer is just a super nice player. Also went 2-4 from 3 which is nice because he has shot like crap so far this year from deep.


Stanley Johnson:

Got some major run tonight, Bullock got hurt and then garbage time happened. Stanley looked very good in his 20 minutes, scoring 8 points on 5 equivalents, with 4 rebounds, an assist, and a monster block. He was all over the court doing all sorts of stuff on defense, and he played a nice and controlled offensive game. Even though he did not get an assist, he mad e a brilliant pass to Tobias in the 2nd half which was just super cool.


Reggie Bullock:

Only played 3 minutes, hurt his leg. Hope he's ok.


Hilliard/BOBAN: Tbey both got some garbage time. I think.


What do you think? How about Andre's game? Is that how KCP should play?

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