Opponent Scouting: Memphis Grizzlies. 21-19. (abbreviated)

Tonight the Pistons will be playing the Grizzlies in Memphis at 8:00 est. The Pistons are on one day rest after a loss to the Spurs on Tuesday, and the Grizzlies are also on a single days rest after a loss to the Rockets on Tuesday.


This will be a wee bit abbreviated because it is so late.


The Them:The Grizzlies are not the same team they have been the past several years. Their DefRtg. has fallen all the way to 102.3 which is actually kind of bad, and their OffRtg. is just 99.6 which is also not all that good. Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, and Zbo still lead the way, all 3 have looked a little bit off. And Conley is listed as doubtful for the game tonight. As such Mario Chalmers is expected to start. Courtney Lee, Matt Barnes, and Jeff Green are all solid 2 way wings. They are lacking in depth at C, as well as PG (provided Conley is ideed out.) Essentially, the defense that carried this team to so much success has abandoned them. They have managed to win some close games/pull games out of their ass and as such have a better record than their NetRtg. would indicate. (See last game against the Pistons.)

Matchups to watch:

  • Andre vs. Gasol: This was hugely entertaining last time these two teams played. They both went at each other with abandon, and it was awesome. Regardless of how the rest of the game goes, I want to see lots of post ups for both of these guys it was so much fun. Also this is important because both guys are their respective team's best players.


  • Pistons vs. Guarding Zbo: Zbo did not do too much damage to the Pistons last time around, but he was very efficient. He is a hard guard for just about anyone but the Pistons do need to find a way to keep him down, since with the absence of Conley he will get a few more shots.


  • Matt Barnes vs. Fuck you Matt Barnes: Fuck you Matt Barnes.

Cackle with knowing glee if:

  • Andre and Gasol make it a 1 on 1 game cause that'd be sweet.

  • Ersan punks Zbo into some charges.

  • Brandon Jennings is playing against some no name guy. I like this.

Run for the hills if:

  • Zbo is putting on a clinic.

  • Mario Chalmers has his random really good game.

  • The Grizzlies turn around their season tonight.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • I already look stupid with this post going up so late.

  • Andre and Gasol go at each other and it is awesome.

  • The Pistons win pretty comfortably and Matt Barnes has a light fixture fall on him and it also happens to take out his family. And what I do on his grave won't pass for flowers.


Should be a fairly entertaining game, but the Pistons should be able to win. By most measures they are a better team.


P.S. Sorry for this post being so late. Just started 2nd semester of school and I'm adjusting to the new schedule.

Joseph Sinke