Opponent Scouting: Phili 76ers. 1-21

Tomorrow (Friday) the Pistons will be in the city of brotherly love to play the 76ers at 7:00pm EST. The 76ers are horrible. This will be a short scouting.

The Them: The Sixers are freaking horrible. They have easily the worst offense in basketball with a OffRtg of 91.3(!!) which is like. Wow. That is horrible. The defense is more along the lines of just "normal" bad at DefRtg of 103.3 (which is still bad.) Jahlil Okafor can score, but the offense is actually better when he sits (not sure if that actually means anything, because he seems to pretty clearly be the best offensive player) and beyond him. Um. Robert Covington might actually be ok. Nerlans Noel has been not good on offense (and going by the eye test, not quite as good on D either.) Nik Stauskas has been horrible as well. This is a team full of cast offs. They run up and down the court at a very fast pace (although that slows a bit with Okafor obviously.) The only thing that this team can hang their hat on, is that they play their freaking tails off. And it pays enough dividends that when Okafor hits the bench they become a decent defensive team. But they cannot score still, so not a lot there. I mean, I hate to crap on a team so much, but they are horrible.

Matchups to watch:

  • Andre vs. Okafor: This honestly figures to be the only thing worth watching. Andre will probably handle Okafor, but for all of the problems surrounding him, Okafor can absolutely score inside with anyone. So it will be fun to see Andre defend him, and hopefully they go at each other several times.

  • Pistons vs. Showing up: To be clear, this means show up in the sense of actually coming to play hard. The Pistons are tons better, but that does not mean it is a guaranteed win. If the Pistons play like crap then they can lose. (they did last year) But the reality is that if the Pistons can avoid playing like crap, they will win. It's really that simple. Give effort.

In conclusion

Cackle with knowing glee if:

  • Andre owns Okafor.

  • The game is out of reach by halftime.

Run for the hills if:

  • God strikes down the Pistons starters with lightening.

  • Okafor takes it to Andre.

  • The Pistons are being lazy/generally playing super crappy. (which is not beyond them)

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • Andre/Okafor is entertaining enough to make the game watchable.

  • Someone random on the Pistons (aka not Jackson/Drummond) will go off for a big game.

  • Pistons win by lots of points.

This is a short precap, because there is not a ton to say. The Sixers have a couple young guys worth paying attention too, but literally nothing else. It sill worries me a bit because the Pistons have laid a lot of eggs on the second night of back to backs, but it would take a colossal failure to lose this game. But the Sixers will play super hard so if the Pistons don't bring it then this could be a game.

What do you think? Think I'm stupid? Let me know! We all get smarter!

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Joseph Sinke