Reggie Jackson: What to look for.

Regardless of your opinion on whether Reggie Jackson was a good trade or how he will fit long term, he is on the team, potentially for the long haul. So here are some things to look for while watching the rest of the season.


Thing #1, take a look at Jackson's shot chart from this year: One big thing stands out, and likely what SVG saw. Jackson is a good finisher at the hoop, but in particular the right spot just below the foul line, this is the floater spot. The 4 areas inside the paint are his favorite and best spots on the floor, and these are exactly the shots that open up the most when running pick and rolls with a big like Andre Drummond. Combine that with his good size (6'3) to make his window to throw alley oops to Andre, and the Jackson/Drummond pick and roll should be devastating by the end of the season.

Thing #2: Even Scott Brook's biggest supporters would admit that he is not exactly a creative offensive coach. And Jackson largely went back in forth between two roles for the team, staying out of KD/Westbrook's way, and playing hero ball with horrible bench units. His most played unit this year is with Morrow, Collison, Perkins, and Lamb. So watch how he does simply playing point guard in a real offense with other real offensive players. Because this will be important to see if he is capable of really playing point guard as opposed to hero ball.

Thing #3: How much/How well he is able to play off the ball. If he does very much off the ball play and does well, then that is a good sign for the future of Brandon Jennings in Detroit, if SVG doesn't even try to use Jackson off the ball, then that is a good sign that Brandon may be gone.

Cackle with knowing glee if:
-Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond start destroying opposing teams self esteem in a flurry of alley oops and floaters.

-Jackson and Brandon Jennings start hanging out together all the time and are basically married. 

-Jackson starts shooting 38% from three with confused looks following SVG drawing up actual plays in the huddle.


Start running for the life boats if:

-The Jackson/Drummond PnR doesn't even show signs of being good and there are lots of arms being thrown in the air in despair by Drummond as passes never hit him right.

-Jackson's food is regularly found to be poisoned and while no one is sure who the killer is Brandon Jennings is always glaring at him.

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