Game Preview: Game 3. Cavs lead 2-0.

Well. First playoff home game tonight. Game 3 is upon us. The main series preview is right hereif you missed it or want to go back and look at it.


Matchups to watch:

  • Pistons vs. Stopping 3s: The Cavs will not shoot as well from deep as they did in game 2, but if the Pistons give them those sort of looks again they are going to shoot really well. That just can't really happen. The Pistons can't let the Cavs become a fiery ball of lava bombing away 3s the whole game.

  • Andre (and others) vs. Adjustments: It applies to others but mostly Andre. With the Cavs throwing out Love and even Channing Frye at center at various points, Andre has to play in a totally different way from the whole season. All season he has clearly had very strict instructions to never stray from the paint, he now has to hedge on screens and be outside. (remember they didn't even have him trap/hedge on screens against Steph Curry this season. Thats how committed SVG was to keeping Andre in the paint at all costs.) It is a hard adjustment to make in such short time, and he did ok in game 2, but he still missed a few plays. This is ok, he's 22 and in his first playoffs, this is what happens lol. But if the the Pistons want to get back into this series they need him to grow up fast.

  • Stanley vs. LeBron: I mean, not that Stanley has any chance of going toe to toe with LeBron, but still, when LeBron isos against Stanley he goes hard and it is just kind of fun. Even though the Pistons are on the wrong end of it, its always kind of fun to see LeBron just go into human battering ram mode. And Stanley is strong enough and foolish enough to make LeBron do it.

  • Reggie & Tobias vs. Getting something going: Through the first 2 games, Reggie and Tobias, the Pistons top two scorers this season, have largely been held in check by the Cavs. It has opened up opportunities for others so it is not horrible, but the Pistons might just need them to force the issue a little bit more and get some buckets.

  • JR Smith vs. Laying the pipe: Hopefully the last game was his only outburst for the series.


So in conclusion...


Cackle with knowing glee if:

  • The Cavs regress to the mean, hard.

  • Maybe Stanley is actually in LeBron's head? (lol)

  • Reggie turns up for the home crowd and scores 30 points in the 4th quarter.

Run for the hills if:

  • Steve Blake checks into the ball game.

  • JR is laying the pipe.

  • Andre is still struggling to adjust to being on the perimeter.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • Reggie shows up in a big way.

  • SVG still plays Blake causing me to jump off a bridge.

  • The Pistons ride a big game by Reggie to their first playoff win in forever.


What do you think? Think the Pistons can get one? Let me know! We all get smarter!


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Joseph Sinke