Game Preview: Game 4. Cavs lead 3-0.

The Pistons season is on the line. The Cavs will be at the Palace at 8:30pm EST.


Full series preview is right here.


Matchups to watch:

  • Cavs vs. Bombing death: They cooled off a little bit in game 3, but the Cavs are pretty scorching hot from deep. A big part of that is because they have gotten good looks, but if they could go cold for a game that would probably be all the Pistons need to avoid the sweep.

  • Stanley vs. LeBron: Once again, not really a contest, but it's still fun to see a way overconfident kid go at the best player in the world enough to make the best player actually try.

  • Andre vs. Staying locked in defensively: I've said it a few times, but Andre has played (mostly) brilliant defense in this series, and shows just how incredible he is when fully locked in. If the Pistons want to avoid the sweep, that cannot change. He needs to stay on top of his defensive game.

  • Mobias vs. boxing out: Kyrie's shooting has forced Andre away from the paint more. In game 3 Thompson killed the Pistons because neither of Mobias was at all capable of hanging with him. Obviously Thompson will do pretty well on that matchup no matter what, but they have to do better than that in helping out Andre when he goes to contest.

  • Cavs vs. Staying focused: I don't actually think this will be an issue, but sometimes teams are not all that interested once they get up 3-0. Pistons bench vs. Eternal sadness: I hope they don't get totally slaughtered.

  • SVG vs. Swallowing hard and playing the best lineups: Steve Blake should never be on the floor, and unless the Cavs change their rotations (actually use Mozgov) then quite frankly Aron Baynes probably shouldn't hardly be on the floor. It sucks, but it probably has to happen.

  • Tobias vs. Finding points: He has not played as poorly as some would have you believe. But the Pistons need him to find some more buckets.


So in conclusion...


Cackle with knowing glee if:

  • Andre is dominating the game, and isn't forced out of it by free throws.

  • Mobias is actually boxing out Thompson.

  • The Cavs go ice cold.

Run for the hills if:

  • The Cavs hit their first 10 3s.

  • The Cavs clearly are having no bull shit and want to finish this series.

  • The Pistons bench gives me chronic diarrhea.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • Andre is super dope again.

  • Tobias scores 20 points.

  • The Cavs have some sort of major poor luck from somewhere.

  • Pistons play another really good game that is close the whole way, but manage to finally win one to show for it.


What do you think? Think the Pistons can avoid the sweep? Let me know! We all get smarter!


I'm going to be at this game: So anyone else there should totally come say howdy. When I see the tickets (my Dad has them) tomorrow morning I will update with where my seats are. Also keep in mind, I am a Grand Rapids person. The game starts at 8:30. I'm going to be getting home hella late, so the recap might not be up till sometime on Monday. On the plus side, I've got some new content featuring a new person on it with me coming up as well.


If this is the end: This might be the last time I do this until next season. If it is, you are all beautiful people. Just remember though, this is not the end. It's the beginning. This team is going places and this was just their first step. And through the offseason and into next season I'm finna be right back with even more and better stuff. Already working on how to improve my content, and it is going to improve in some really dope ways I think.

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Joseph Sinke