Opponent Scouting: Abridged version. Charlotte Hornets. 41-30.

This is an abridged version because I'm in Florida so I'm not finna spend to long here.


Tonight at 7:30 the Pistons will be playing the Hornets at the Palace and the game will be on NBA TV and I'm guessing it will still be on FSD. (Although I don't know for sure)


The Them: OffRtg. of 104.4 and a DefRtg. of 101.7. (Those are both rock solid) They space the floor well on offense and Kemba Walker is the main creator/facilitator. Nic Batum is the secondary creator, Courtney Lee is a good 3 and D type. Cody Zeller is a rock solid all around big. Marvin Williams is still hurt (I think) and Frank Kaminsky is starting for him. He can score in a variety of ways but is not very good at other things. Jeremy Lin could end up winning 6th man of the year. Jeremy Lamb is a solid 3 and D type off the bench, and Big Al is coming off the bench giving the same old low post offense. This team is very good, and they are a tough matchup for the Pistons in a few different ways.


Matchups to watch:

  • KCP vs. Walker: I'm guessing KCP gets Kemba. Kemba is their best player on offense so it will be important for him to contain him.

  • Andre vs. Everybody: Obvious. The Pistons need him to show up in order to win games, he has been playing real good ball lately (although he has never really fallen off in a significant way this season) and he needs to keep doing it for the playoff run.

  • Morris vs. Hot shooting: If he can keep hitting damn near every shot he sees it is a huge boon for the Pistons.


So in conclusion...


Cackle with knowing glee if:

  • Marcus Morris hits 10 3s in the first half.

  • Andre Drummond is doing Andre Drummond things.

  • Whichever of the Harris/Morris combo is being guarded by Kaminsky is having a field day.

Run for the hills if:

  • Kemba Walker is killing KCP. (He did pretty well last time they matched up.)

  • Jeremy Lin is probably going to get to go at Steve Blake quite a bit.

  • Big Al vs. Aron Baynes should go in the Hornets favor big time.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • One of Morris/Harris has a really big game.

  • KCP locks down Kemba.

  • Andre and Reggie both have stupendous games leading the Pistons to victory.


The Hornets are a really fun team this season, and the Pistons are not too shabby themselves. It is a game that means something for both teams as well so everyone should be playing pretty hard. Should be a good one.


What do you think? Think KCP can handle Kemba? Let me know! We all get smarter!

Joseph Sinke