Game Recap/Notes: Game #45, Pistons 113 - Wizards 112. (21-24)


 What a great game! It's always fun when you win on a buzzer beater.


Box score.



Reggie Jackson:

Reggie had a pretty good game, although he missed a couple shots down the stretch that they really need him to hit. He finished the night with 19 points on 22 equivalents which is not all that good but once again, he missed like 3 shots that I would normally expect him to hit which, just happens sometimes I guess. He also had 8 assists against 4 turnovers, which also is not as efficient as you would like, but I think that it was not too bad by the eye test. He competed with John Wall on the defensive end even though Wall did have a decent game, he didn't have a great one either. As far as his hero ball down the stretch, I didn't actually think it was that bad. He did dominate the ball a bit more than you would like but he got a few good looks and he just missed them, which isn't an excuse because those misses would really sting if they had not won, but I don't think that it was really the style of play that was the problem, just the fact that he couldn't finish the right looks. I also give him credit for taking his last possession shot with time still on the clock, because I regularly complain about taking those without time left because with Andre on the floor you really should give him a chance to get a rebound, and it worked out this time.

So even though it was not a great game for Reggie, he largely did his thing and he did it in a pretty good way.


Reggie Bullock:

Bullock did not get as much action going to the hoop on cuts has he has occasionally, but he still did his job. 9 points on 8 shots, all 8 of which were from 3 (3 of 8) and 2 of them were not easy looks either. Throw in 5 boards and an assist and Reggie has himself a pretty nice game for the offensive end. The offense just runs better with a guy like Bullock on the floor with his quick trigger shooting and passing the ball. On defense he didn't do great and fouled too much, but he didn't do too poorly, spending most of the night on Bradley Beal who did not have a huge game. Another nice game for Bullock, who hopefully is putting himself into the clear rotation even once KCP returns.



He got the game winning tip, which obviously makes him the best guy of the night. But even without the game winner he was excellent tonight. 25 points on 21 equivalents, 11 boards, and 3 assists make back to back really nice games for Marcus. He hit his 3 pointers, got some buckets in isolation (including a super clutch one in the last couple minutes of the game) and was aggressive attacking the hoop which lead to him shooting 9 free throws. He was super active in all areas of the game tonight and it was just straight up fun to watch. He's had a bit of a rough go this season so hopefully the last two games can be a springboard into a good stretch for him going forwards. On top of all that, it was awesome that his game winning tip was over top of Markieff. Great game for Marcus, the sort of game where I have to remind myself that he is making 5 million per year and was added (along with Bullock) for a protected 2nd round pick.


Tobias Harris:

Fairly low key, but still very good game for Tobias. He scored 18 points on 16 shots, had 9 boards and 5 assists for a stat stuffing game where he was fairly even keeled throughout the entire game other than a scoring spurt in the 3rd quarter. He also once again showed up with a few really nice defensive plays, and should've had one more because he got a clean block on Bradley Beal in the last minute of the game but they called it a foul. Either way, with Marcus going so well Tobias didn't take a huge offensive burden but picked his spots and he picked them pretty well. Really nice game for Tobias.


Andre Drummond:

Only played 18 minutes due to foul trouble, which is especially frustrating because he has been so good about avoiding foul trouble this year. In those 18 minutes he scored just 3 points and had 10 rebounds, he did a good job defensively for the most part as well, but just didn't play enough to really have a large impact on the game. On the plus side however, he is the guy who got the initial offensive rebound after Reggie missed his shot on the final possession of the game.


Jon Leuer:

Back from injury and back off the bench (I wonder if SVG will keep him on the bench long term?) and had himself a nice game where he played a bit of power forward and center in 25 minutes. 10 points on 6 shots, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. Really it was pretty much exactly the sort of game that the Pistons have come to expect from Leuer this year and he didn't look even a little bit hobbled from his injury. The Pistons will be very thankful to have him back obviously.


Ish Smith:

Ish really had a nice game tonight, 9 points on 9 equivalents along with 4 assists and a steal. He got out in transition and put a couple of really nice moves on guys in order to get to the hoop. This was pretty close to Ish at his best, even if he let Trey Burke get going a little bit in the 4th quarter which was a bit surprising.


Aron Baynes:

Played 16 minutes, had 9 points on 5 equivalents and played a pretty nice game. He finished around the hoop and set good screens, while doing a nice job of fouling the hell out of everything on defense. (which lead to foul trouble for him) Nice game for Bayes.


Stanley Johnson:

Don't look now, but Stanley Johnson might be good again. His defense was once again very good and proved to be a problem for the Wizards on several occasions, and even though the Wizards got an offensive board to negate it, Stanley had an awesome chase down block as well. Offensively his numbers are creeping up towards being respectable as he now is shooting 40% from the field and 32.8% from 3. His 9 points on a perfect 4-4 from the field was very welcome tonight. I don't know how long he will stay hot from the field, but he certainly seems to have found his confidence back.



Played 5 minutes due to foul trouble of the other centers. Did fine. He got a bucket, a rebound, and a 3 second call.




Good win over a good team. Pistons have now won 3 in a row and have the Kings and Heat as their next two games, so they have a good chance to continue to extend the streak. Other than the foul trouble for the big guys everyone played very well, and given the way that Stanley and Bullock have played I hope that SVG finally is willing to go to a 10 man rotation. Why have so much depth if you are not going to use it?



What do you think? Marcus is greatest Morris? Should Bullock and Stanley stay in the rotation once KCP comes back?



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