Game Recap/Notes: Game #46, Pistons 104 - Kings 109. (21-25)

 Bad loss, somehow the Pistons forget how to play defense when they play the Kings. Although it was tightened up a bit down the stretch, it just wasn't good enough.



Box score.



Reggie Jackson:

Reggie ended up having a pretty nice game offensively. 18 points on 14 equivalents with 11 assists (against 4 turnovers) and a +5 on the night. He did a good job of looking for his teammates while also getting his own shot when it was available, allowing him to put up his highest assist total in almost a month. Defensively he did have some troubles with Ty Lawson but that was more on Ish than Reggie. On the plus side Reggie continued his hot shooting from deep with a 3-5 night and is now sitting comfortably at 38% from deep on the year, and he is hitting some pretty tough shots as well.



In his first game back from injury he had a bit of a rough time, scoring 14 points on 17 equivalents including 1-8 from 3, but he did put up 4 assists to make it a decent offensive game. He did have 3 steals on defense and generally played well against one of the weakest wing rotations in the NBA. It is a little bit odd to me that he was not put onto Ty Lawson while Lawson was eating up the Pistons but it is in line with the rest of the season that SVG is hesitant to use KCP on point guards this year, for whatever reason. One thing that he gets big props for is that he ended up getting switched onto Cousins towards the end of the game and he was able to stand his ground and knock the ball out of bounds, something that is not a small achievement. Decent game for KCP, glad to see him back, but he certainly looked a bit off with his shot as it seemed to me that a lot of his 3s were coming up short (and even air balled one I think.)


Marcus Morris:

After a pair of very good games in his last two outings, he came back to earth a bit to have just a normal game. 13 points on 12 equivalents, 3 rebounds, and 1 assist without a turnover. I am surprised that they did not go to him in isolation more than they did as he often had either Afflalo or Garrett Temple on him with the Kings so short on wing players but other than that he just sort of did his thing. Defensively he didn't have a huge impact but the Kings are so thin there that it isn't a huge surprise.


Jon Leuer:

Back in the starting lineup, Leuer got off to a great start scoring 15 points in the first quarter, and then no more the rest of the game, finishing with 15 points on 11 shots with 4 boards and 4 assists. Which is still a good night, but it certainly is pretty disappointing that he fell so far off after a good start. He did have some bad foul trouble in the game and struggled quite a bit to guard Cousins, but that isn't his fault, he should've never been on him to begin with. Fine game for Leuer.


Andre Drummond:

Andre had a really nice game even if his numbers were not that remarkable (similar to the last Kings game) with 14 points on 13 equivalents, 12 rebounds, an assist, and 3 steals. He ended up on Cousins a bit early in the game, but down the stretch SVG finally decided to join us in the 21st century and had Andre guard Cousins every possession, and he did an awesome job. I cannot say this enough, as someone who has watched a lot of the Kings the past few years, people don't just guard Boogie straight up like Andre did, and it is a huge credit to him. Maybe, just maybe, this was a sign of SVG cracking a bit towards allowing Andre to actually use his absurd athleticism on defense instead of just having him play defense like he is one of the slow footed Lopez brothers.


Tobias Harris:

Coming back off of the bench, Tobias scored 15 points on 11 shots with 3 boards and 1 assist. He was having a very nice and tidy game and I am confused/a bit upset that he didn't play more, especially given that Leuer was in such foul trouble. He found himself guarded by Malachi Richardson a few times and Tobias had a very easy time scoring. A fine game for Tobias, but he didn't get enough chances to have a bigger impact.


Aron Baynes:

Horrible night for Baynes, not because of his 4 points on 3 shots, but his 1 rebound is indicative. The run that the Kings went on with the bench mobs on the floor falls very largely on Baynes. Baynes could do nothing to protect the paint or the glass against Ty Lawson and Willie Cauley-Stein. When SVG made comments about people's effort he just glared right at Baynes afterwards. I don't care if he is the “white guy who plays hard” of the team. You have to box out and at least get in the way of point guards.


Ish Smith:

Played 13 minutes, scored 2 points on 2 shots, had 3 assists. Did fine offensively for such a short time playing but gets a large amount of the blame for Ty Lawson's big game which is surprising mostly because of how well Ish has played defensively this year.


Reggie Bullock:

Played 11 minutes and did fine. 7 points on 6 shots, 4 rebounds and an assist. Nothing really of note here.


Stanley Johnson:

Played 3 minutes. SVG went to a full bench mob and Ty Lawson ate them alive so SVG decided it was Johnson's fault, not Ish and Baynes. Even though it was Ish and Baynes' fault. I don't get it at all. (I am aware that Stanley allowed a backdoor cut right before SVG called timeout.)



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