Game Recap/Notes: Game #28. Pistons 105 - Hawks 91. (15-13)

Good to get back into the win column and a good way to do it. The Hawks are bad and while they maybe stuck around a little longer than you would've preferred in the first half the Pistons mostly took care of business.


Box score.


Reggie Jackson:

Jackson didn't have all that good of a game but he was fine mostly. 11 points on 11 shots with 5 assists (4 turnovers) in 28 minutes. He just wasn't overly involved through most of the game, but other guys had it going so it was ok, I still want to see him bust out of this slump in a big way but he was still fine.

The bigger worry for me is that he has been really not good defensively the last few games, and his defensive improvement has been a big part of him having such a great year so far, and if he falls back to being lazy and slow then it would really hurt his game and the team as a whole. There just isn't enough defensive talent other places (especially if Stanley Johnson doesn't come back to the starting lineup) to make up for him being a black hole defensively.


Avery Bradley:

Bradley has struggled as much or more than anyone else during the losing streak, but he busted out of that in a big way in this game. 18 points on 16 equivalents with three assists (including one for a awesome oop to Drummond) in 27 minutes of play, while also largely being responsible for keeping Schroder in check to the tune of just 9 points on the night. Bradley just had it going in a good way and I also like that they were not force feeding him as much as they have at times, he picked his spots and made the most of them.


Reggie Bullock:

Starting once again, Bullock probably had his best game of the year. In his limited playing time this year he has really struggled to shoot the ball but he found it a bit. 10 points on 8 shots including a couple of threes was nice to see in his 24 minutes of play. He also did his thing by playing hard and mostly smart defense and throwing mostly smart passes. I'm still not much of a fan of putting Johnson on the bench, but I am happy to see Bullock get a chance to really play and he may end up fitting in really well as a starter.


Tobias Harris:

It wasn't a huge volume night for Harris, but this was an excellent game for him and a great bounce back from an absolute stinker against Denver. 19 points on just 12 equivalents with 4 rebounds, a pair of assists, a steal, and a game high (by a wide margin) +21 in 31 minutes of play. The other good news was that he only hit 1 three (on 3 tries) on his way to the super efficient night. Often times this year when he has good games in volume or efficiency it has been the result of him just hitting a bunch of threes and less that he is getting really involved in the offense and finding his shots. Tonight was the opposite. He handled the ball, got to his spots, and got his shots.


Andre Drummond:

Also bouncing back from a couple of stinkers, Drummond nearly got a triple double. 12 points on 13 equivalents with 19 rebounds, 8 assists (in the game they listed him at 9 so they must've taken one away), 2 steals, and 2 blocks in 32 minutes of work. Particularly late in the game he was a little slow on defense but he was mostly fine on that end. All in all this was a really good game for Drummond and along with Tobias Harris a really important bounce back game.


Ish Smith:

Not a good game for Ish who scored 4 points with 1 assist in just 10 minutes as he tallied 5 fouls in that time. I'm not worried about it as a problem going forwards but there really isn't an excuse for a point guard to have that happen.


Langston Galloway:

Who's cooled off? Galloway went for 17 points on 11 shots in 22 minutes off the bench, and even ran point guard for a couple stretches with Ish in foul trouble. Dude continues to be absolutely fearless in his gunning from deep and it is a boon for the bench mob when he is hitting. I think that the reality is that Galloway is just going to be streaky from game to game and we will have to live with that, but I doubt any of these streaks are going to last longer than a couple of games.


Luke Kennard:

Ouch. 4 points on 9 equivalents for Kennard who just couldn't get the ball in the basket in his 19 minutes of play. I think he played a fine game other than that though. He did his thing where he mostly is in the right place defensively and he took good shots on offense.


Anthony Tolliver:

6 points on 5 shots in 15 minutes for Tolly. He pretty much just did his thing. He played hard and effective defense and chucked on offense.


Stanley Johnson:

Only played 15 minutes and he seemed kind of invisible in them. I don't know how I feel about this whole deal, but whatever for now I guess.


Eric Moreland:

Played hard. Got 11 rebounds in 15 minutes, almost got in a fight, had some tremendous screw ups and a couple of really nice hustle plays. In other words it was just another day at the office for Moreland.


Henry Ellenson:

Played a couple minute sin garbage time. Hit a nice fadeaway.



As frustrating as the losing streak was/is, tonight was a good reminder that this Pistons team is probably still pretty good. It will be tough against Indiana on a back to back but they should have plenty of chances to beat up on weak teams for a couple of weeks, if they can do like they did tonight then they can find themselves right back in the mix towards the upper end of the conference.


What do you think? Should Bullock keep starting? Will this right the ship for the Pistons?

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