Game Recap/Notes: Game #52, Pistons 113 - Sixers 96.

Good win for the Pistons. They had more turnovers than they should’ve but they ended up pulling away and winning comfortably enough that there isn’t really any reason to complain. Once again, this current stretch is important for the Pistons to do well on, and they are now 3-1 on the current sort of home stand. (they played in Indiana last game, next 2 at home, go on the road for 2, then back home for 3.) A win against the Lakers next and the Pistons will be right where they would hope.


Box Score.


Reggie Jackson:

            Didn’t seem like a very good game while watching it, but at the end of the game Reggie ended up with a perfectly acceptable final line of 14 points on 14 equivalents with 6 assists against 1 turnover in 28 minutes. Those numbers are fairly indicative of how the game was for Reggie. He was totally fine, but not spectacular, and that’s all the Pistons needed him to be. One thing that was a bit concerning was that he missed a few shots that he just has to hit, and he has missed those for the past couple of games as well. It is probably just a little slump but still.



            KCP continued his quiet ways since his career night, but this time he was just quiet and not bad. 12 points on 12 equivalents, 4 rebounds, 3 assists against 2 turnovers. Very similarly to Jackson, it wasn’t a night of much note, but the Pistons certainly didn’t need more than what he gave so it isn’t a big worry at all. Nice game by KCP, hopefully this is a nice way for him to even out after a couple of poor games and he can get back to his game.


Greater Morris:

            Marcus continued his shooting resurgence with 19 points on 15 equivalents, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists in 39 minutes with a game high +33. He didn’t hit a 3, but it was fairly clear that none of the Sixers forwards stood much chance of guarding Morris with much success as he got to his spots with consistency and it allowed him to have the efficient night he did. He also found Andre for a pair of monster jams towards the end of the game which was super cool. One thing that I want to highlight about Morris is how good an inbounds passer he is, like it is a real asset to the Pistons to have a guy like him to inbound the ball.


Jon Leuer:

            Leuer had a nice bounce back night after struggling the last bit, scoring 12 points on 9 shots with 5 boards and a pair of assists. He only played 23 minutes courtesy of some really bad foul trouble which wasn’t really his fault, just found himself in the wrong places a bunch. But he got back to his low volume and high efficiency offensive game that has been his calling card for most of the year and that was nice to see. Nice game for Leuer.


Andre Drummond:

            Started off slow and didn’t really score much (mostly from lack of opportunities) and picked up a pair of fouls to have him leave the game fairly early, but in the 2nd half he came roaring back to finish the night with 16 points on 14 shots with 17 rebounds, an assist, a block, and 3 steals, as well as those early pair of fouls being his only for the night. With his early fouls combined with the score he only played 26 minutes as well, and would’ve likely been headed for a 20/20 night if the game had been closer. Very nice night for Andre on both ends.


Tobias Harris:

            Bad night for Tobias, 9 points on 11 equivalents 8 rebounds and 1 assist. He got some garbage time minutes but didn’t do a ton in them so it doesn’t really change the overall outlook on his night. HE just couldn’t really get anything in the hoop and the score ended up being wide enough that they were fine to let the offense run through Stanley Johnson later in the game.


Stanley Johnson:

            His scoring numbers were a bit inflated by him having the ball a bunch in garbage time but he finished with 8 points on 10 equivalents, 8 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal. Even though his offense wasn’t that great, he was a bit more aggressive tonight which I liked. He also continues to do all the right things on defense and with his effort on the glass. He is usually the best athlete on the floor, and he seems to really be learning how to harness that in the most effective ways. Good game for Stanley, and his improved play continues to be a bigger factor in the Pistons starting to turn around than people seem to realize.


Aron Baynes:

            Baynes has another nice night, which are becoming more frequent as of late. 12 points on 9 equivalents with 7 rebounds, an assist, and a block. When guys can get him the ball fairly close the basket with a bit of space he has the goods to finish, and he has a knack for finding those spots as well. I don’t know for sure if the Pistons will trade him or not by the deadline, it likely largely depends on if anyone actually wants him, but I hope the last few games have quieted the people who have been clamoring for him to be traded. He is a rock solid backup big and an asset to the team, even if he does have games where he looks pretty bad.


Ish Smith:

            Ish continues to shoot the ball pretty well by his standards, with 11 points on 10 shots and 4 assists. He did his thing, pushing the pace and looking for teammates. He also added some flair with a behind the back pass to Tobias Harris which was cool. Good game for Ish, he’s been on a really nice stretch lately.


Michael Gbinije:

            Got a couple minutes at the very end of the game. Didn’t do anything.




            Good win, Pistons stay in 8th in the East. Everyone contributed. As long as this game was a sign of the guards getting back into form and not them barely poking above water before sinking again I feel pretty good going forwards. The Pistons are healthy and starting to find their collective strides.



What do you think? Will the guards bounce back? How important has Stanley been?

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