Game Recap/Notes: Eternal Sadness.

            The Pistons’ season is officially on life support. These last few games where their best chance to secure a playoff spot against some bad teams, and they lost them all. They are not totally out of it, but very close.


Box score.


Ish Smith:

            Ish played a pretty solid game, 15 points on 15 equivalents along with 5 assists with 1 turnover and 6 rebounds for good measure. He was largely unable to do anything to slow down Derrick Rose on the other end which was disappointing, but Rose is capable of having good games still so it isn’t the worst thing in the world. It wasn’t his fault that the Pistons got killed, but he certainly didn’t do a lot to help. I don’t know man. He played fine.



            KCP was fine, 12 points on 14 equivalents with 2 boards and an assist. Fairly typical non-impact but still fine game for KCP. He generally did his job, hit a few shots, played decent defense, but just didn’t really do anything of note.


Greater Morris:

            Marcus was one of the few Pistons who actually had a really nice game last night. He finished with 20 points on 15 equivalents with a pair of assists. The only downside was that he ended up fouling out of the game, but when you go against Carmelo that can happen. Defensively he got roasted pretty badly by Melo at various points, but Melo didn’t actually end up with too good of a game. Overall it was a pretty good game for Marcus, and he is one of the only people who can say that.


Tobias Harris:

            Tobias was pretty poor last night, 12 points on 16 equivalents is a far cry from his usual efficiency, and he didn’t make up for it with rebounding or passing, and he joined Morris in getting roasted by Melo a couple of times, and generally struggled to contain Kristaps who finished with a very efficient night scoring the ball. Tobias just didn’t really have it tonight. As a side note with him that is kind of a pet peeve, the Knicks got a breakaway and Tobias was the only guy for the Pistons who had any chance to catch him, and he ended up just walking back and allowed Holiday to get a totally free dunk. Tobias is a good enough athlete that he should be more than capable of getting some awesome chase down blocks, and yet he never even seems to try for them, I wish he would because he would probably be pretty good at it.


Andre Drummond:

            Andre started off the game really well, with 10 points and 10 rebounds by halftime. In the second half however he was totally shut off as he finished with just 10 points, although he did get to 15 rebounds and 3 assists which is still a fairly decent game on the whole for him. It was still very disappointing that he didn’t continue to dominate the paint in the way he did in the first half, as that was largely the thing that drove the Pistons in the first half. The Knicks adjusted and Andre couldn’t get past it. It is also worth noting that he only played 25 minutes. So, not a totally horrible game from Andre, but certainly not much good either.


Jon Leuer:

            Leuer did alright, 8 points on 8 shots, but he continues to brick away from deep going 0-2. He also had 3 rebounds and a pair of assists. If only he could start hitting some of his 3s then I would feel so much better about Leuer at this point, because he does a lot of stuff well and generally plays “winning basketball”, but teams have started to totally ignore him from beyond the line and it has really had a major negative impact on the Pistons offense.


Aron Baynes:

            Played a bit of an extra work load with 22 minutes, had 7 points on 6 equivalents with 8 boards, so a pretty nice game for Baynes. He just keeps on chugging away as being a fairly reliable backup center who does a little bit of everything.


Stanley Johnson:

            5 points on 7 shots and a block in 18 minutes, he played some good defense on Melo but it didn’t really matter too much as Melo hit some really tough shots over him. Stanley played fine, and mostly ran into some bad luck with Melo just hitting some real tough shots.


Beno Udrih:

            Beno had a bit of a rough game, he did manage 6 points on 4 shots, but he had 5 turnovers and 0 assists. He looked a bit like he hadn’t been on an NBA floor in a few months and looked out of sync with the offense, and he will have to do better than that if the Pistons have indeed shut Jackson down for the season.


Hilliard, BOBAN, Ellenson:

            They played for about a minute at the very end of the game, didn’t do anything of note.




            Rough loss and a rough game to lose. The last 3 games should’ve been the Pistons time to rise back up into the playoffs, and instead they have put themselves into a hole that they will be hard pressed to pull themselves out of. Tonight’s game against the Heat is more or less their last chance to try and turn this around.


What do you think? Can someone on the Pistons remember how to shoot?

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