2016/2017 Season Recap/Notes: Aron Baynes.

This is the 9th season recap, and the last of the regular rotation guys.


Follow along with stats.



The Good:

I mean, Aron Baynes is still a rock solid backup center. This is not exactly news to anyone but still, he hustles, communicates, and gets to the right spots on defense, which combined with being huge makes him a decent deterrent in the paint (even if he can't really jump) and on offense he sets great screens and can finish plays that are created by others. He didn't really add anything to his game, but that's ok. He improved his efficiency from the field by a small margin on last year, going from a TS% of 56.3% to 57%, but almost all of his other advanced stats came down.

Baynes is likely to be done as a Piston, but it was a nice couple of years and did some good things.


The Bad:

He just wasn't able to be as effective a player as he was last year, especially on the offensive end. Part of that is that he one less shot per game (which is more noteworthy for such a low minutes guy) and that is something that I'm not going to blame him too much for, the reality is that he doesn't create his own shot at all. How many open shots a guy like Baynes is getting is a good indicator of how well the offense is running, if Baynes is getting some buckets it means the offense is humming, if he isn't then the offense is probably stagnant, and the Pistons offense this year was definitely stagnant.

Even with that said, this was a step back for Baynes in most advanced stats: PER (17.8 to 13.(!!!)), Ftr, offensive, defensive, and total rebounding %, assist %, block %, turnover %, offensive, defensive, and total win shares, as well as win shares per 48, box score plus minus, and vorp. Once again, I place a lot of that on the fact that the team in general wasn't as good, and a guy like Baynes is going to go up and down a lot more with the team than others might. The point is that if you spent the whole year feeling like Baynes was botching a lot more passes and rebounds, and generally impacting the game in positive ways less often than he was last year, you were not crazy, you were probably right.


Biggest Answer:

I honestly don't know for sure. He was pretty much a known commodity this year, I guess it is mostly just that another year of showing himself to be a capable backup increases his sample size. (since it is still fairly small) But we pretty much knew what Baynes was when he arrived on the Pistons, and he has pretty much been exactly that.


Biggest Question:

How great is SVG's irrational love of Baynes? There are some guys that coaches get really attached too, Baynes is one of them. Everything the Pistons have done and said indicates that Baynes is going to not be a Piston next year, but simply given the way we all know SVG values Baynes, I wouldn't rule out them retaining him, because I actually doubt that he is going to get paid more than the 10.5 million per year that is the max the Pistons are allowed to give him. I truthfully hope they don't do that and let Boban play. But it wouldn't shock me.


What do you think? Were his issues a symptom of the team or a problem with him? Would you want the Pistons to actually try and bring him back?

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