2016/2017 Season Recap/Notes: Beno Udrih

This is the 10th season recap, all the regular rotation guys have been done.


Follow along with any stats.


The Good:

Beno essentially fell into the laps of the Pistons, after preseason they had stuck with McCallum as the 3rd guard, but then they announced Reggie was out for a while, and the Heat cut Beno for some reason, and the Pistons immediately scooped him up. Given all of that, he played as well as it could be reasonably expected. He continued to shoot midrange jumpers that he is almost comically good at, and even occasionally pulled out some nice moves to the hoop on his way to a TS% of 53.5%, and he passed the ball pretty well. He doesn't really have the goods to draw the defense and create lots of open looks (especially at this point in his career) but he does well enough to keep the offense moving and humming. He was a very pleasant surprise, enough so that if things break a certain way I wouldn't even mind him returning as the 3rd guard again next year.


The Bad:

I touched on it a bit already, but with Beno's age, he just isn't terribly threatening going to the hoop other than the occasional successful crossover. As such there often was not very much space created for other guys. Beno can still finish over defenders with some ability, but just not enough to draw extra guys.

The main bad thing for Beno however was definitely his defense. Beno was never a great defender at any point in his career, and at the age of 34 he is quite bad. Other than the general veteran savvy that can occasionally lead to a nice steal, he provided basically nothing to the table on defense and was almost a total negative.



Biggest Answer:

When the Pistons signed him, it wasn't clear if he was any good or not. The Heat had cut him and they were not exactly overflowing with good players, but he proved that he still had some left in the tank, even if it isn't a lot.


Biggest Question:

I don't know for sure if the Pistons will give any real thought to Beno sticking around, but at the very least, for Beno, the question is whether or not he has got enough in the tank for another season. Supposedly he wants to coach and would be a welcome addition to many coaching staffs, so he could hang them up and go right into coaching if that's what he wants. HOWEVA, he showed enough this past year that I wouldn't be surprised if he could get another year in. Once again, I have no idea if the Pistons are giving any thought to him returning, they certainly will wait until after the draft and whatnot.


What do you think? Does Beno have one more year in him? Should the Pistons be thinking about bringing him back?

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