2016/2017 Season Recap/Notes: Reggie Bullock

This is the 11th season recap. We are into the end of the bench.


Follow along with any and all stats.



Obviously we are into the end of the bench here, so the sample sizes are small. Assume that everything here more or less comes with the asterisk of “small sample size.”

The Good:

Once again, when he did get playing time, Reggie Bullock generally looked very good. Shooting 38.4% from deep on a high volume (5.6 per 36 minutes) and a TS% of 53.8%. And despite the small sample size, his two years with the Pistons have been the first time that he has even remotely lived up to his billing as a long range sniper, shooting 30.1%, and 32.6% in his first two seasons.


Other than his shooting, he is a guy who just clearly has a super high basketball IQ, he makes whip smart passes and cuts, and is almost always decisive with his decision making. When he caught the ball, he rarely would just stand with it waiting, he would either shoot, pass, or drive almost immediately, and when he didn't have the ball in his hands he was rarely stagnant. I really believe that having guys who do this makes a big difference in the offense, and it is a great trait that Bullock shares with Ish Smith (obviously Ish isn't shooting 3s very often though lol) in that they just are never stationary.


Defensively Bullock is certainly not a stopper, but he plays hard and generally seems to do the right sort of stuff. Although he certainly has a knack for stupid fouls.


The Bad:

The main thing is probably that, for the second straight year, Bullock couldn't really stay on the floor. It is often hard to tell because even when healthy he wasn't often in the rotation, but there was a stretch this year, just as last, where he was listed as out. For a guy who has played so few minutes, it is a bit concerning that injuries are already looking like a problem. When you compare it to KCP, who has probably missed about equivalent time with injuries the past couple of years, you don't worry as much about KCP because KCP plays a ton of minutes.


The other bad thing, other than the small sample size worries, is basically that he has a tendency to just screw stuff up sometimes. It is almost like Brandon Knight, I don't know if he is just unlucky or bad, but his tendency to blow open layups, foul 3 point shooters and get posterized is a bit worrying.


Biggest Answer:

He probably can actually shoot, still a small sample size, but he has looked very good in a Pistons uniform, and many of the shots are tough ones where he comes rocketing off a screen and stops on a dime to catch and shoot in one motion. He has stamina, speed, and a quick release. The stretch he had towards the end of last year was probably not just a fluke.


Biggest Question:

Could he do it over an entire year as a real rotation piece? And more specifically for the Pistons, how much is he worth? Obviously the fate of KCP likely has a lot of sway over how badly the Pistons want to keep Bullock. If KCP gets maxed and the Pistons (rightfully) say “nah man we good” then suddenly Bullock becomes more enticing to keep around. If they give KCP the big bucks though, and don't make any other major changes (specifically, ones that would open up minutes for Stanley at forward) then it wouldn't make a lot of sense to keep him around. I have no idea how much Bullock should get paid, and it will be interesting to see how his free agency ends up going, if he stays healthy and plays like he has in his few minutes, he could be an absolute steal.



What do you think? Should the Pistons keep him? IF (emphasis on “IF”) KCP walks would you be comfortable with Bullock taking major minutes or would you rather find someone else?

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