2016/2017 Season Recap/Notes: BOBAN

This is the 12th Season recap.


Follow along with any stats.


The Good:

All of the advanced stats remained absurd for the big Serbian. Sporting a PER of 29.6, TS% of 60.6, total rebounding % of 24.2%, 23.5 points and 16 rebounds per 36 minutes. Obviously that all comes with the big asterisk of “small sample” but its two straight years of small sample size dominance from Boban, and there were a few impressive performances that were not in garbage time.


He is a huge problem to deal with in the post, his combination of size, touch, and vision makes him crazy hard to guard. Throw in that he hits his free throws and there just isn't a good option. He sets good screens and rolls hard to the rim, even if his rolls are not terribly speedy, and he is so damn big that he is a lob threat despite the lack of hops.


Defensively he appears to still be largely what the Pistons figured he would be, which is a guy who can make your defense better and be a weapon in the right areas, but has large enough limitations that he isn't going to be any sort of monster who single handedly carries the defense. His presence inside deters guys at the rim and cleans the glass although he fouls a bit too much, and he does play hard.


Lastly, everything you see and hear says that he is an absolute joy to have around. I certainly enjoy him being on the Pistons roster.


The Bad:

The biggest thing is just the small sample size. The Pistons are largely in the same place they were after signing him last summer as far as knowing what he could produce in actual meaningful game time. He looks largely impressive when he plays, but he actually played quite a bit less this year than he did in the previous one with the Spurs.


The only negative that he showed on the floor was with his defense, he just doesn't have the foot speed to really do anything outside of the paint. He occasionally can leverage his spectacular length to keep with guys, but mostly is a lost cause containing ball handlers. It isn't the worst thing in the world and you can have a good defensive unit with that sort of big man on the floor (especially when the protect the paint like Boban does) but it is a potentially fatal liability in some matchups. This is an extreme example obviously, but he is the sort that would be basically unplayable whenever Steph Curry is on the floor.



Biggest Answer:

There really wasn't one? He still looked awesome in limited minutes but we already knew that.


Biggest Question:

Will SVG follow through and let him play next year? SVG's borderline irrational love of Aron Baynes left Boban on the bench the entire season, I am not as upset about that as a lot of people since Baynes is a good player, but if Boban doesn't get playing time right away due to lack of “trust” then I might explode.



What do you think? What can Boban do in extended minutes?

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