Opponent Scouting: Boston Celtics. (4-2)

Tonight at 7:30pm EST the Pistons will be in Boston to play the second straight game against the Boston Celtics. Both teams are on two days of rest after the Celtics beat the Pistons by a large amount on Saturday. Since we just did this a few days ago this is going to be a little bit quick.

The Them:

The Celtics are really good, a bunch of their players have shot poorly to start the season (although several got going against the Pistons on Saturday) but they are still good. Their defensive abilities are out of this world, they are absolutely chocked full of defenders who are long and strong. They have a bit of a lack of size inside but they make up for it by being so long and fast everywhere that it is very difficult to get inside.

Offensively Kyrie Irving is still waiting to get going, Gordon Hayward is not all the way right. They will probably never be a great offensive team, but they only have to be ok to be a great team given their defense.

Matchups to watch:

  • Blake Griffin vs. The Celtics collective defense: The Celtics shut down Griffin by guarding him close all the way outside, walling off the paint, and using their incredible length and speed to recover when he passes out. Griffin will have to be ready for this defensive look.

  • Andre Drummond vs. Asserting himself: Some early foul trouble hurt him, but the Celtics gang-rebounded perfectly. Drummond will have trouble simply out-jumping them for offensive rebounds, he will have to be willing to force his way into position to get rebounds over multiple players.

  • The Pistons vs. Hitting a few shots: There was some serious regression for both teams last time out. The Celtics hit a bunch of shots, the Pistons missed a bunch. If that evens out a bit (which theoretically, it will) then this could get competitive in a hurry.

  • The Pistons vs. Kyrie Irving: This is probably the thing that spooks me the most, Kyrie has been bad this year, this will change at some point. The Pistons don’t have any good options for guarding him.

So in conclusion…

Wink knowingly at your friends if:

  • Andre Drummond is mashing the Celtics like he usually does in Boston.

  • Blake Griffin scores more than like, 7 points.

  • The Celtics miss more shots.

Run for the hills if:

  • Kyrie Irving gets going.

  • The Pistons still cannot get a good look.

  • The Celtics keep the Pistons off the offensive glass.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • The shot hitting evens out a bit.

  • Blake Griffin finds some traction but not a lot.

  • Kyrie Irving scores many points.

  • The Pistons struggle, but do manage to get on the offensive glass and ugly up the game to keep it close.

  • Pistons 98 - Celtics 94.

What do you think? Can the Pistons get their offense going? Will the Celtics miss some shots?

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