Opponent Scouting: Brooklyn Nets. (3rd preseason game)

Tonight at 7:00 p.m. EST the Pistons will host the Brooklyn Nets in their 3rd preseason game. As always, its preseason so I have no idea who all will even play.

The Them:

The Nets will probably remain in a similar, if somewhat better, spot as they were last year. Not a totally useless team, they have some guys who can do some good stuff, but they are unlikely to compete seriously for a playoff spot very far into the season.

The high-overpaid Allen Crabbe is still in Brooklyn, he's a good shooter and mostly plays hard, DeMarre Carroll will probably start off the season strong again before slowing and breaking down later in the year. Kenneth Faried is here, I don't think they cut him or anything, but he can rebound. Joe Harris was retained, he can shoot, D'Angelo Russell is more fun than he is effective but if there was a season for him to finally break out it would probably be this year. Spencer Dinwiddie is not nearly as good as people would have you believe but he is a solid point guard who avoids turnovers. Jarrett Allen is super bouncy and fun at center, Ed Davis is a awesome backup. Caris LeVert may be the Nets best player as a swiss-army-knife of playmaking and shooting.

They will, once again, play super fast and take a ton of threes. If they can remain mostly healthy, especially Russell, Dinwiddie, and Allen, then they should at least be a fairly entertaining mediocre. Also, they finally have their draft pick this year.

Matchups to watch:

  • Drummond vs. Allen: Probably the best matchup here? Allen isn't on Drummond's level obviously, in particular he is still far too skinny to really handle him inside. That said, Allen is athletic and fearless so he is likely to get Drummond a few times.

  • Don't get hurt: Yep. Just that. No one get hurt.

  • Point Bruce: I didn't watch very long since it was such terrible quality, but he started at point-guard last game and I want to see more of it. Once again, Brown is highly unlikely to break into the rotation at all this season, especially as a point-guard, so I want to see him against NBA competition as much as possible even if its just preseason.

  • Dwane Casey vs. Remembering its preseason: He did better last game, but lets make sure that it is a repeat. And even so, 29 minutes for Stanley Johnson is probably too many.

  • Khyri Thomas vs. Playing: Once again, I had stopped watching, but apparently Thomas got in for 7 minutes against the Spurs. I want to actually see him play so please play him tonight, and more than 7 minutes! Just like Brown, Thomas is unlikely to break into the rotation this season so lets get him against NBA competition as much as we can.

  • Andre Drummond vs Hitting a three: I've actually been pretty encouraged by how he has fit the long-ball into the offense so far and I'm not worried about what anyone shoots in the preseason, good or bad, but it'd be nice for him to hit one. If it drags on without a hit it will become a thing and no one wants that.

So in conclusion...

Wink knowingly at your friends if:

  • No one gets hurt.

  • Bruce Brown is at point guard and still drawing tons of fouls and being super physical.

  • Andre Drummond hits a three.

Run for the hills if:

  • Anyone gets hurt.

  • Stanley Johnson builds off a bricky performance with more bricks.

  • Any of the rotation guys for the season play over 30 minutes.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • Still not making predictions for preseason games.

What do you think? Can Drummond hit a three? Will Bruce Brown get a more extended look at point-guard?