Game Recap/Notes: Game #13. Pistons 106 - Raptors 104. (7-6)

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Great win. The Pistons showed great resilience in coming back from being down 19 points and finally won a game with a buzzer beater.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Overall not a very good game for Jackson. Offensively it was a decent outing, 13 points on 14 shots with 6 assists, the real drag was his defense in this game though. I’ve often made efforts to point out Jackson (and Ish Smith) often playing defense somewhere between acceptable and even occasionally pretty solid levels, that was not the case in this game. I don’t know if something was wrong with him or what, but he couldn’t stay in front of anyone to save his life and it caused the Pistons tons of issues.

In good news, he actually made some really nice plays down the stretch and while some of the coaching decisions were not great I think that him and Blake found a nice balance between them as to how much they have the ball in important moments.

Reggie Bullock:

Quite frankly a miserable game for Bullock. 5 points on 9 shots, including going just 1-7 from deep, and he was often tasked with guarding Kawhi Leonard in the first half and it went very poorly for him. He actually did ok against Leonard all things considered, but he was clearly out of his league. All of that went away at the end of the game when he caught an inbounds pass and tossed up a floater to win the game as time expired. So not a good game, actually a pretty bad one, but he had the game-winner so lets lay off him.

Glenn Robinson III:

Only played 17 minutes, 7 points on 4 shot equivalents, didn’t do a whole lot of note in the end.

Blake Griffin:

Almost overshadowed because he didn’t do a whole lot in the final moments, but Griffin finished with a pretty great game. 30 points on 23 shot equivalents, 12 rebounds, and 3 assists in 40 minutes of work. Also had a pair of blocks for good measure as well. Even though he didn’t do a ton at the end of the game, his continual grinding for buckets, even when the Pistons were down, is the reason that they got back in the game. He never relented, never slowed up, he just kept grinding away for buckets. Great game by Griffin.

Andre Drummond:

Was not very sharp in the first half, played better in the first half but didn’t get much in the way of counting stats. So we end up with a quiet (by his standards) night for Drummond. 11 points and 14 rebounds with a couple of assists and a block in the game. Defensively he just wasn’t on the ball most of the night, but at the very least he got it together at the end of the game.

Langston Galloway:

31 minutes, 13 points on 8 shots with a couple of assists. Galloway has settled in and has clearly won Dwane Casey over and is playing huge minutes as a result. He doesn’t do a whole lot other than bomb threes, bangerz only, but he’s pretty freaking good at it.

Stanley Johnson:

Nearly gave him the honors but I had to restrain myself. Still, in 22 minutes he scored 12 points on 8 shots and had Kawhi Leonard seeing ghosts in the 4th quarter. He locked up Leonard to a remarkable extent, other than a couple of possessions where Leonard got some space, Stanley had him turning it over, dribbling off his foot, and generally messing up. Stanley Johnson is the main reason the Pistons won this game, and the inability of the Pistons to handle any wing players of consequence without him on the floor remains a stark issue if they plan to continue to use Johnson as a bench player.

Ish Smith:

In 21 minutes off the bench, Smith was rock-solid if mostly unremarkable. 8 points on as many shots with 5 assists, was in the game for a decent amount of the come-back. Once again, there wasn’t anything great he did in this game, none of the spectacular runs of points where he changes the course of the game, he was just a steady positive influence when he was out there.

Jon Leuer:

HE LIVES! Leuer got some run in the second half and got a couple of buckets and fouled a bunch of people. I still want him playing over Zaza.

Jose Calderon/Zaza Pachulia: Both only played like 5 minutes. Other than Calderon being the in bounder on the game-winner neither guy was notable. Both did fine though.


Really fun win, and given how large a gap they have till their next game, a important game to win for their mental state. 13 games in the Pistons have some very real issues and flaws, but they are not in a bad spot. This was an impressive win for sure.

What do you think?

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