Bruce Brown "The Future" of the Detroit Pistons

During the Detroit Pistons win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Pistons fans got to see their first real look of rookie Khyri Thomas in meaningful minutes this season.

Thomas didn’t do much in eight minutes of actions, missing his only shot attempt (a three) and one assist.

After the game, however, Head Coach Dwane Casey said something you don’t hear very often about second round picks in the NBA.

Casey said Bruce Brown, 22, along with Thomas, are “the future” of the franchise.

That may be a bit of an over-exaggeration, but it’s still some high praise for the Pistons rookies.

We haven’t seen much of Thomas this year, but Brown we’ve seen quite a bit of.

Brown started the season opener with Stanley Johnson out, and has started two more games since then. He has found himself in the rotation throughout the season.

For what it’s worth, it’s easy to see why.

Brown has already shown capabilities of being an elite defender, getting in the face of players like D’angelo Russell and Josh Richardson.

In back-to-back games against the Boston Celtics in late October, Brown exhibited an awareness and openness to cut into gaps of the defense for easy buckets.

Brown is an extraordinary athlete. Of slim build, Brown is also insanely strong.

Casey was quoted saying Brown has a NBA future at point guard before the season started, and we’ve pretty little of that so far. However, we have seen it a little bit on certain plays and in the preseason.

Brown exhibits an ability to get into the paint, beating his man off the dribble with his athleticism. He goes up strong against the secondary defender, but isn’t a good finisher this early into his NBA career.

His defense is what has earned him minutes in the games he’s played in this year, but you can see his tools on the offensive end.

He’s a pretty bad shooter, though. He’s shooting nine percent from long range on 1.4 attempts a game. Actually, he has only made one three on the year out of 11. His last year at the University of Miami, he shot 26 percent from three on 3.2 attempts a game.

That’s something he’ll have to improve on, or learn how to make an impact on offense without the shot; which, he’s shown tools to do just that.

But, he’s no where near that yet.

However, in the future he may be.

Casey and the Pistons hope that future becomes a reality.

Ku KhahilComment