Great Backdoor Play From the Jazz

Quin Snyder is undoubtedly praised as one of the best coaches in the league, and for good reason. The Jazz have struggled so far this season, but they’ve been on the road for nearly 2/3 of their games, and I don’t doubt that they can turn things around as they settle into a groove at home.

One thing that has been working for them is a great backdoor lob set for Donovan Mitchell that they ran last year a lot as well. It takes advantage of Mitchell’s great athleticism and finishing ability, as well as the lethal passing of both Rubio and Ingles.

Let’s look at some clips.

Mitchell starts with the ball on the wing. With Gobert and Ingles spaced to the opposite side of the floor, Rubio sets a back screen for Favors going to the hoop. This is the first option, but the defense is usually ready for it, and it’s mostly decoy anyway.

Rubio then pops out to get the ball, and Gobert flashes into a high ball screen. With such a quick turnaround, the defense must be on their toes. Especially since now Ingles comes to get a dribble handoff and yet another screen from Gobert. With the defense occupied on the perimeter, Mitchell dives into the paint, where Ingles has the angle for a pass, being a lefty.

Notice how Favors clears out to the weak side corner to open the paint. Mitchell mishandles it, but the dunk was there.

We see the same set up here, with Mitchell on the wing. This time it’s Crowder who gets the back screen from Rubio, and again the defense covers it. So Rubio pops out for the ball, then gets the Gobert screen. Ingles flies into the dribble hand off, and is able to get it up high for Mitchell for the lob.

Notice how the Heat actually do a pretty good job defending the initial PNR and DHO. Ellington and Johnson switch effectively while Whiteside sags off Gobert into the paint. But McGruder turns his head for one second and Mitchell is off. That’s all it takes.

Here’s a compilation of them running it last year as well:


This is a great play to get multiple players involved, especially Mitchell who’s struggles have been well-publicized this season. But again, I think he and the Jazz absolutely have it in them to get things back on track in the Western Conference.

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