Game Recap/Notes: Game #29. Pistons 129 - Timberwolves 123 (OT). (15-14)

What a game. The Sixers game earlier this year is right there too, but probably the most entertaining game of the season. Both teams caught fire at the end of the game, Pistons also stay above .500. I said when the month started that the goal should be to get out of December at or above .500. So far so good I suppose.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Idk Jose Calderon is probably better tbh.

Luke Kennard:

Poor night from Kennard and I’m also worried about him appearing to mostly be an honorary starter by playing just 19 minutes. He did go just 1-7 from the field for 3 points but he had 3 assists and his spacing and passing is just so good for the offense.

Reggie Bullock:

The Black Klay Thompson was back at it again for a career night. 33 points on just 22 shot equivalents including 7-12(!!!!!) from deep. Bullock was incredible all night. He hit huge 3 after huge 3, and even created a few looks himself. At one point he put it on the floor and legit did a crossover into a mid-range jump shot and hit it. When he did that you knew he wasn’t going to be stopped at all.

One of the best things is that Casey is fully implementing the Griffin/Bullock two-man game back into the offense. Those two have excellent chemistry.

Blake Griffin:

Missed shoot around in the morning because he was sick, played through the pain. Finished with 34 points on 25 shot equivalents with 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Griffin looked like he was sick for much of the game, but in the second half he really started to come alive and started nailing three-pointers. He went 5-10 from deep and found a groove. But it’s really just another day at the office for Griffin.

It should be said, holy crap did he blow it at the end of regulation by tossing the ball away I was so angry.

Andre Drummond:


Drummond was excellent for all but a 30 second stretch at the end of the first half where he committed two dumb fouls. (one of which wiped out a Bullock 3 pointer as time expired.) 16 points on 14 shot equivalents, 16 rebounds, a steal and a block. He also was asked to guard perimeter guys a lot since the Pistons were set on switching every screen involving KAT so as to ensure no open 3s for the Timberwolves big man. Drummond got cooked by Rose a couple of times, but also did a really nice job on others, especially towards the end of overtime. Once again, holding your own on most possessions (even if Rose made some really tough buckets) and outright winning a few possessions in those situations is a big deal.

Langston Galloway:

I wish he wasn’t playing over Kennard so much but it is what it is. 8 points on 10 shots so not his best night, but he shot a lot and that’s what he’s supposed to do.

Jose Calderon:

19 minutes, 2 points on 4 shots, had 7 assists. He continues to do just fine filling in as a backup for Ish Smith. If he could find his 3 point shot that would be helpful as well. He did commit a bunch of fouls though, a couple of them were quite dumb. Still, he’s filling in fine.

Bruce Brown:

4 points on 4 shots which is nice I guess. He still kills the offense when he’s on the floor and isn’t as good on defense as he sometimes looks. Managed to go -15 in just 17 minutes. By far the worst on the team. (Calderon and Jon Leuer both went -5 for the next closest) So yeah. That was Bruce’s night.

Stanley Johnson:

I’d rather Stanley be playing more minutes than Brown but whatever I guess. Stanley scored 5 points on 5 shots and did very little else in his 15 minutes of play. Not a remarkable night for him.

Leuer/Pachulia: Both guys only played like 5 minutes. Please don’t play Zaza again.

Reggie Jackson for real:

24 points on 17 shot equivalents with 6 assists and 0 turnovers. I wasn’t always a fan of how quickly they schemed to switch anything involving KAT but to Jackson’s credit, other than a couple of possessions he mostly competed with him which was nice. (some other guys also get some props there btw)

Jackson was in good form the whole game. Shot 3-5 from deep, got into the paint and did his thing. The game was sent to overtime on a classic Jackson kobe-assist where he drew the help and simply flung the ball to the rim knowing that Drummond was there to clean up. Also hit Robert Covington with a dirty behind the back move and layup which was cool.


This one felt real good. Pistons won a close game where they really played well against another team who is (probably) about their level. We continue to see the benefits of just putting shooting on the wing, and not having Jose Calderon on the floor at the end of the game was nice too since the Pistons were able to not turn the ball over repeatedly for a change.

Pistons keep above .500. Got the freaking Hornets again next which, yeah. It is fun to continue to be able to say that KAT has never beaten Drummond. Now 0-8 if you include last seasons all-star game lol.

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