Game Recap/Notes: Game #23 Pistons 111 - Sixers 117. (13-10)

Bad loss and a remarkably ugly game.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Jackson is the one who dropped the ball in a big way in this game. The Pistons were without Reggie Bullock, Stanley Johnson, and Ish Smith. Those three are probably, in whatever order you want, the Pistons 4th, 5th, and 6th best players, without them you would hope their #3 would be able to step up in a meaningful way.

In 34 minutes Jackson scored 13 points on 14 shot equivalents (and one of them was as time expired and didn’t matter) and went 1-5 from deep. He did have 5 assists and did a pretty good job chasing JJ Reddick around the entire game on defense which is not something I thought he would be even remotely capable of.

Jackson didn’t play terribly in a vacuum, but he’s the guy who should’ve stepped up in this game and he just didn’t.

Bruce Brown:

Getting the start with Stanley Johnson hurt, Brown drew the Jimmy Butler assignment most of the night. For his part, Brown did about as well as you could expect him to. Brown shouldn’t be asked to take guys of Butler’s size in the future, but he mostly made him work and did manage 7 points on 5 shots with 3 assists.

The problem of course is that he can’t shoot even a little bit. He did actually hit a three in this game, but the degree that people sag off of him is almost comical. To his credit, he uses this to his advantage by being a smart cutter, but you can only fix so much like that. When Brown is the on the floor, offense is going to be an immense struggle and when he isn’t able to bother his man on defense that’s a big problem. He finished the night with a game-worst (by far) -21.

Glenn Robinson:

Continues to only be a nominal starter with 16 minutes played. Didn’t do a whole lot. Scored 5 points on 7 shots.

Blake Griffin:

Griffin continues to be brilliant, although it was an ugly brilliance tonight. His 31 points, 12 rebounds, and 6 assists were basically the only thing that kept the Pistons afloat as he busted his way through crowded lanes and drew a ton of fouls. I have a theory that Griffin actually draws more fouls when teams collapse everyone onto him, I have nothing but a hunch to back this up, but it seems to be true.

Regardless, Griffin was brilliant although I’m not sure why they went away from him so much later in the game.

Andre Drummond:

Like Griffin, started stronger than he finished. He needed 22 shot equivalents to get his 21 points but he did shoot 7-7 from the line so hopefully his recent sputter from the line is over now. Drummond does seriously need to get more selfish on the defensive glass, 10 rebounds with 5 offensive is a Steven Adams line. Go get your numbers big fella. He did also have a pair of blocks and a pair of steals.

Langston Galloway:

Not as much as Jackson, but a similar story. With three rotation guys out of the game, Galloway was the other guy you would look to to step up and he just couldn’t quite hit enough shots. He did score 12 points but needed 15 shots to get there and went just 2-9 from deep. Galloway has been a solid player this season and he’s the sort of guy who has ups and downs from game to game, just stinks that he couldn’t hit a couple more shots tonight.

Luke Kennard:

I sure hope Luke Kennard isn’t all the way healthy yet because if he isn’t I may need a pitchfork. Kennard played 18 minutes, scored 5 points on 4 shots with 3 assists and 3 rebounds. The difference in offensive potency when the Pistons put him and Galloway on the wings together was stark. in his 18 minutes Kennard was +6. His combination of shooting, ball-handling, and passing is exactly what the Pistons needed tonight and I’m not sure why he didn’t play more.

Zaza Pachulia:

Actually one of his better outings of the season. 8 points on 7 equivalents with 5 rebounds and 3 assists. He did severely struggle with Mike Muscala which isn’t shocking.

Jose Calderon:

Filling in for Ish Smith, did fine. 7 points on 5 shots and an assist.

Jon Leuer:

I still think he should be playing over Zaza. Played 10 minutes and hit his only shot for 2 points.


I didn’t understand the rotations much. On a night where the Pistons were without their best two wings (Bullock and Johnson) and a guy in Ish Smith who often fills in some wing minutes, Bruce Brown was their highest minutes wing player. He just isn’t big enough to tangle with either of the Sixers offensive threats, and he’s a huge minus on offense. I don’t know why you don’t just play Kennard or even Glenn Robinson more minutes. Both guys will be similarly ineffective against Butler but they bring at least something on offense.

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