Game Recap/Notes: First Round, Game 2. Raptors 130 - Wizards 119. (Raps lead 2-0)

Another good win in the bag and the Raptors are up 2-0 in pretty convincing fashion. The Wizards are still dangerous and there is some work to be done, but overall it is hard to be displeased with the Raptors start to the playoffs.


Box score.


Kyle Lowry:

He struggled from the field again, scoring just 13 points on 13 shot equivalents but he once again made up for it with great play in other areas. He tallied up 12 assists against just 3 turnovers, grabbed 7 rebounds, and played high-level defense once again. I think that the previous comparison to it being an almost Rondo-esque game is not that far off, he wasn't impressive scoring the ball but watching the game it was obvious that he was having a significant impact on the game. Going 1-8 from deep is a bit concerning, the Raptors will need him to pick up his scoring if they are going to get where they want to go, but for now he is doing just fine even if he hasn't really found his shot.


DeMar DeRozan:

In game 1 he played a fine but not impressive game where he largely took what the defense gave him. Not so tonight. DeRozan poured in 37 points on just 27 shot equivalents (which is awesome) to go along with grabbing 5 boards and dishing 4 assists in 37 minutes of play. He forced the issue against the Wizard defense and proved that even when they overplay him he can go and get his anyways. The only caveat is that for a stretch in the first half the Wizards went from overplaying DeRozan defensively to playing no defense at all so he had his pick of easy looks. That said, given the way he has struggled at times in past playoffs it has to feel great for him to have such a dominating performance like this in a win. Great game from DeRozan.


OG Anunoby:

Similar story to game 1 for OG. He did not have that large of an impact with 9 points on 5 shot equivalents with 3 rebounds in 19 minutes, but he finished looks that were created for him which meant that the Wizards had to give him some respect which opened up the floor for other guys to do their thing. He also played better defense this time around I think.


Serge Ibaka:

Came down to earth a bit after a great game 1, but he was still solid. 10 points on 11 shots with 9 rebounds, a pair of assists, and 3 blocks is a final line that you are taking most nights. I was especially impressed with the way he asserted himself on defense in this game as his impact went beyond just the blocked shots. Several Wizards players were spooked at times in a big way when they went into the paint and Ibaka was a big reason why. He's made a real difference through two games.


Jonas Valanciunas:

Only played 23 minutes, scored 19 points, grabbed 14 rebounds, and blocked a pair of shots for a monster +27 in those 23 minutes. I know that this is nothing new for Raptors fans, but I have to wonder why Casey didn't ride JV more against the Wizard small-ball lineups. He has killed those lineups before and did at times in this game. It is a risk admittedly, given how Valanciunas is slow footed even against most opposing centers, but he can get it done on the other end. Regardless, still a really good game from JV.


Delon Wright:

Not as big as game 1, but Wright played another really good game. 11 points on as many shot equivalents to go with 3 assists and 3 steals in 27 minutes of work. He fits really well as a secondary playmaker and finisher on the floor and I love the way he competes on the defensive end of the floor.


CJ Miles:

Once again, evaluating Miles is pretty easy. Did he hit shots? Well he scored 18 points on just 9 shot equivalents so thats a yes. That means he had a really good game. He is going to hit a cold game at some point, but until then he is so much fun to have around.


Jakob Poeltl:

For the second straight game Poeltl struggled to really make a positive impact. He didn't get into space on offense very often and struggled to make the right plays on defense. I'm not sure if it is just the particular skill-set of various Wizard players, something in the scheme, or if he is just off. Either way the Raptors will have to hope for more from Poeltl or potentially try giving his minutes to Bebe.


Pascal Siakam:

Played 11 minutes and committed 5 fouls. That's honestly about all you need to know. He did manage 6 points on 5 shots which was nice, but this was not a strong outing for Siakam.


Fred VanVleet:

Played very sparingly and didn't look great when he did. I haven't seen if this was pretty much planned to be a short outing, if it was just that he didn't look good/Delon played well, or if he hurt himself again. Perhaps someone can give some more info because my very quick search didn't bring up anything.



All played a few sparing minutes, I believe other than Powell they were pretty much in garbage time.



Two wins, and got them both in different ways. In game 1 it was a total team effort where the two stars took a back seat, in game 2 DeRozan went off to carry them to victory. The only worrying news from this game is that John Wall is probably going to be in full destroyer mode all series, which means if he can get any help from Bradley Beal (who scored just 9 points!!!!) the Wizards could get back into this series because that guy is stupidly good when he is at full tilt. That said, the problems plaguing the Wizards in the first two games are the same ones that have done so for years now. Long stretches of terrible defense, stretches of no cohesion on offense, and generally being kind of a mess at times. This team is still dangerous, they have a lot of talent, but right now it doesn't look like they are going to pull off a great fix to go on any sort of playoff run.



What do you think? How about DeRozan? Can the Raptors continue to contain Beal?



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