Game Recap/Notes: Game #43. Pistons 120 - Magic 115. (19-24)

Good win for the Pistons in the thrilling race for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Largely did his job. 13 points on 12 shots with 4 assists against just 1 turnover. He struggled defensively at times attempting to navigate the relentless Augustin/Vucevic pick and roll but he also spent a lot of his time hidden other places. Was also nice to see him actually close out the game instead of Ish. Not a huge impact on the game, but he did fine.

Bruce Brown:

8 points on 5 shot equivalents with 3 rebounds and an assist. His defense wasn’t as good as you probably would’ve hopped. he spent most of his night toggling between DJ Augustin and Terrence Ross and was not terribly effective at slowing down either guy. That said, his tenacity on defense is still a nice breathe of fresh air on the team and he managed to scrape out a few points on offense to mitigate the damage he does to the teams offense. Somewhat important thing to watch, Brown is now shooting just over 40% from the corners, a trend that has mostly been there all season.

Reggie Bullock:

13 points on 12 shots with 6 rebounds. Felt like he did better than that to be honest. He hit a few really long three-pointers that felt like they were worth more I guess. In the end, Bullock did his job more or less, you want him to hit another shot or two but he did fine.

Blake Griffin:

30 points on 23 shot equivalents, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists, with a pair of blocks for good measure on another monster night for Griffin. After being, pretty clearly, out of it last time out against the Jazz, Griffin returned with a vengeance. He was assertive, shooting just two long-guns after jacking up 11 against the Jazz, and it resulted in a ton of trips to the line and easy hooks and layups. The Magic are almost comically weak inside with Vucevic on the floor and Griffin took full advantage. Would’ve liked it if he had taken a different shot at the end of regulation, but he played very well in overtime so I’ll let it slide.

Andre Drummond:

14 points, 22 rebounds, 11 of which were offensive. Absurdity. Vucevic wanted nothing to do with Drummond under the hoop the entire night and he asserted himself in a big way, including a couple of offensive rebounds to keep possessions alive at the end of regulation to give keep the Pistons alive.

On the defensive end, the Pistons put him on an island to a pretty extreme degree when guarding the pick and roll, and the Magic attacked it relentlessly. And while it looked like the Magic were getting whatever they wanted out of that, check the numbers. Vuc had 24 points (only just above his average) on 22 shots (well below his normal efficiency) and Augustin had 13 points on 12 shots, also well below his normal efficiency. He had a couple of missed plays, but he held the Pistons defense together by not getting torched while having to consistently guard two players.

Luke Kennard:

Looking more aggressive once again, Kennard scored 14 points on 10 shots in 26 minutes of play, all of which is about where I actually feel he should be almost every game. He also had 4 rebounds and a pair of assists which was cool. They are putting the ball more in his hands with second units and having him do things other than just spot up which is good.

Ish Smith:

fart noise

Langston Galloway:

Really nice night for Galloway. 13 points on 9 shots in 21 minutes of work. He hit a couple of huge shots, and his relentless gunning from deep is often times the Pistons best threat with bench units. He’s still shooting just 34% from deep, which isn’t where you want a shooter like Galloway to be, but the speed and ease with which he fires means that defenses still treat him like an elite shooter.

Zaza Pachulia:

Making his triumphant return, Pachulia hit a couple buckets, set some mean screens, and nearly got in a fight. All in a days work.

Stanley Johnson:

Did nothing really. Had one nice defensive play.


Much needed win. Would’ve been nice if overtime hadn’t been needed but the Pistons are really not in a position to worry about how a win comes. Remember that there is still plenty of time for the Pistons to start to get this season together. Also, if you listen closely, you can hear something brewing.

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