Game Recap/Notes: Pistons 98 - Pelicans 94. (21-26)

Good win. The Pelicans didn’t have Davis obviously but the Pistons were without Andre again. That isn’t even losses but basically the Pistons don’t get to complain about how wins come one way or another. This also marked the first time the Pistons won while missing Griffin or Drummond. They’ve lost both games Griffin missed and are now 1-2 in the games Andre has missed.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Nice game for Reggie for the first time in like, idk, two weeks? He’s been bad, but especially bad without Andre which isn’t a huge surprise. Jackson scored 17 points on 12 shot equivalents along with 5 rebounds and 3 assists. He took a few more jumpers than is ideal, including a few long-twos which has been rare for him this season, but he hit them so whatever.

And about the post-game interview. I don’t really care. It was funny/cringe/awkward and very bad timing but I really don’t much care. He’s happy they won and he actually played well. The Pistons have maybe trended too far on the “just having fun” scale more often than not over the past couple of years but I’d still way rather have that than the other way, especially considering how obviously frustrating the season has been for the team I’m not going to get butthurt about them seeming to still be having some fun.

Bruce Brown:

Meh. 4 points on 5 shot equivalents with 6 rebounds. Those rebounds are worth something and his one make from the field was another corner 3 (he’s still shooting 41% from the corners) but it just wasn’t that notable. He spent a lot of the night guarding Jrue Holiday and it didn’t go so well. One of his biggest improvement areas on defense is finding a way to hang with guys who are just as big and strong (or mores so) than he is. Obviously Brown is taking on the big wings of the world, but he will need to learn to handle guys like Holiday. And its ok that he has to learn, he’s a rookie, defense is like any other skill and takes time to learn, just worth noting.

Reggie Bullock:

Miserable game for Bullock. Just 5 points on 11 shots, went 1-8 from deep and some of them were really good looks. His defense also continues to be a bit lackluster this season which isn’t great. But yeah, not much else to say here. Bullock missed his shots, bad game.

Blake Griffin:

Other than the bizzare development of him getting blocked like 4 times (I think it was actually 4. Seriously.) by Jahlil Okafor, Blake was brilliant. 37 points on 31 shot equivalents with 9 points and 7 assists against just 1 turnover. Griffin is utterly brilliant. He did take a few more jumpers than he often does which isn’t ideal, including 9 three-pointers, but a lot of that is likely Zaza being in for Andre. Teams are scared to help off of Drummond inside due to his lob/rebounding threat, they have no issue helping off Zaza. But if Blake can hit jumpers for a few games that’s fine. Just hopefully he doesn’t start taking more mid-rangers because totally exercising those from his game has been a really good thing for him.

Zaza Pachulia:

Wasn’t that good. He clearly isn’t really able to play defense against starters at this point in his career (tbh even when he was younger he was a step slow on defense against good players) but he had 10 rebounds and 8 points which was good. He wasn’t much good but he did about as well as you can hope for from him so that’s nice. Also the thing where he saw a injured veteran from his home country was really cool I’m glad that FSD did a bit on that.

Langston Galloway:

Playing in his home town Galloway was real bad. 8 points on 11 shots and he got totally torched by Holiday when he got his turn. His kicks were on point tho.

Luke Kennard:

fart noise

Jose Calderon:

Was… actually not bad? 3 points and 6 assists and just -3 in 18 minutes. Not bad.

Jon Leuer:

I ALWAYS BELIEVED IN YOU JON. 11 points on 7 shot equivalents and even some nice defense to keep the bench afloat when both Galloway and Kennard were off their games is big.

Stanley Johnson:

bigger fart noise

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