Great Kokoskov Backdoor Lob Play

Two nights ago the Phoenix Suns had a great 21-point comeback against the Kings for just their 10th win of the season. But early on, as the deficit was still growing, Igor Kokoskov had a great play drawn up for a Deandre Ayton lob.

Here’s the play:

They begin in a Horns set with Ayton/Warren at the elbows, Melton up top, and Crawford/Jackson in the corners.

Melton enters the ball into Warren at the elbow, then cuts to the opposite side of the floor where he sets a staggered down screen with Warren and Ayton for Crawford. In other words, Crawford gets consecutive screens from Ayton, Melton, and Warren; with the last screen being a dribble handoff.

While the defense is concerned with Crawford coming off the curl, Josh Jackson sprints into the paint and sets a hard (read: illegal) screen on Cauley-Stein. He gets pinned and Ayton is wide open for the lob over the top. Don’t get me wrong, the illegal screen shouldn’t and doesn’t take away from the play, as it’s only illegal if it’s called, and it’s still a great set.

These types of actions with lots of off-ball movement are great for scrambling the defense and ultimately getting an open shot. The Suns have a good one in Igor Kokovkov.

Jon ZuckComment