Game Recap/Notes: Game #57. Pistons 125 - Hawks 122. (27-30)

Closer than it should’ve been, but the Hawks at least have a pulse and if Griffin hadn’t gotten tossed for no reason it probably wouldn’t have gotten so close.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

“And the Lord said “Oh yee of little faith”

Jackson has been on a tear since the infamous photo-bomb of Blake Griffin’s interview after the Pelicans game, but this was his best game. Jackson finished the night with 32 points on 25 shot equivalents with 8 assists without a single turnover. Jackson did fall into his bad habit on a couple of possessions late by dribbling the air out of the ball before a terrible three, but with Blake out of the game you kind of live and die by the RJax I suppose.

Putting him back in the pick and roll has been huge, allowing him to be utilized as a passer again has unlocked the Pistons full offense and been a revolution. The last step for Jackson at this point would be for him to get the sort of confidence in his hops to not just get up for the occasional huge dunk (one of which he had in this game) but also get up to finish layups over-top of defenders. Maybe that won’t ever happen, but that would be the last step. Regardless, he was brilliant in this game and looks fully back to himself.

Wayne Ellington:

Still not great but he looked much better than he did prior to the break. 9 points on 10 shots isn’t what you want but he hit a few really tough 3-pointers which is important to make sure defenses still stick close to him. He has really not impressed me on defense so far, although he’s been competent on that end in the past so he may just need some time to settle in.

Bruce Brown:

An offensive explosion from Brown as he scored 12 points on 11 shots, one of which was a steal on an in-bounds pass and another was a huge dunk in transition. The bad news is that he, along with the other Pistons guards, got utterly torched by Trae Young. Others get similar blame here, but Brown is the guy who we want to step up there and he couldn’t really. Still, it was really nice to see him get some points.

Blake Griffin:

Was having a quiet but effective game before being tossed for no reason. In his 23 minutes he had 15 points and an assist. He’d been largely biding his time and been happy to watch as Jackson and Drummond dismantled the Hawks, at least that’s hypothetically what was happening. But we will never know if Grififn was just biding his time or if he was just off, as he was ejected.

Andre Drummond:

My mans is just better than everyone else. The stat-line really speaks for itself in this one: 26 points on 20 equivalents, 21 rebounds, 2 assists, 5(!!!) steals, a block, and +20 in 39 minutes of play for the Pistons big-man. He abused pretty much anyone and everyone, got loose in the pick and roll constantly for dunks, even had a few nice post-ups, and was everywhere on defense. Jackson was excellent, but Drummond was the driving force for the Pistons the entire night.

Thon Maker:

My mans hit the game-winning long-ball. What more needs to be said? It is a testament to the Pistons coaching staff that Maker has largely kept to the corners for his three-point shooting, which seems like an obvious thing to do when you look at his shooting splits, but the Bucks struggled to keep him planted there.

Luke Kennard:

7 points on 6 shots, not great. The whole bench was pretty bad but Kennard was mostly passable.

Ish Smith:

10 points on 10 shots with 4 assists. A fine night for Ish, but it is fair to suggest that when the bench, as a whole, struggles so much that Ish gets some of the blame. We are sure to credit him when the bench plays well even when he doesn’t get numbers, so it kind of has to go the other way as well.

Langston Galloway:

fart noise

Zaza Pachulia:

Wet fart noise

Jon Leuer:

HE HIT A 3-POINTER. Also low-key got a really important rebound. Only played a few minutes but was good.


Losing this game would’ve been a real gut-punch, so while it isn’t great that they played the Hawks so close the Pistons are not in a position to complain about a win.

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