Opponent Scouting: New York Knicks. (10-42)

This is going to be quick-hitting because I’m on vacation.

The Them:

The Knicks are really bad. If they actually keep DeAndre Jordan and Wes Matthews they will be a little bit better but they will still be very bad.

Jordan brings some competency at center. Enes Kanter can score/rebound a bit, Dennis Smith can jump very high, the theory of Kevin Knox is nice. Damyeon Dotson can shoot, Noah Vonleh is low-key having a nice season.

This team sucks, they have a bad coach, and not very many good players. The only good players they have (Jordan, Matthews, and Kanter) know they are on their way out so they don’t really care.

Matchups to watch:

  • Luke vs. Shooting: SHOOT THE BALL LUKE

  • Reggie Jackson vs. Being good: My man has shown some real signs of life recently. The Pistons are a lot better when they are getting good play out of him.

  • Pistons vs. Getting some good vibes: The Pistons are playing the Knicks twice in a row. Win those and suddenly the Pistons look alive in the East.

  • Andre vs. DeAndre: Always a fun matchup. Andre usually gets the better of him.

Opportunities for me to look stupid:

  • Pistons win.

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