Game Recap/Notes: Game #53. Pistons 105 - Knicks 92. (24-29)

Another nice win. Even against a team as bad as the Knicks, when you are on a back to back and 3rd in 4 nights it doesn’t matter if its a bit ugly and the margin ended up being double-digits still. Pistons have a real chance to get back to .500 by the break, although the Bullock trade makes that harder.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Jackson had another nice game and has a really nice string going. He put up 19 points on 17 shot equivalents with 7 assists and just 1 turnover. He was pretty poor on defense, even by his standards, which wasn’t great. He does continue to show real signs of life though, over the last 7 games he’s averaging 19 points and 6.3 assists (less than 1 turnover) and shooting really well from the field. The Pistons are getting him in more pick and rolls which has helped him and are letting him be a passer more which has REALLY helped him.

So another nice game for Jackson, the 3-point shot will drop back off at some point but he’s showing good signs in other places as well.

Bruce Brown:

In 17 minutes he had just 2 points on 2 shots, but he had a pair of spectacular chase-down blocks and his only points came on a high-flying dunk in transition right after one of those blocks which was cool.

Reggie Bullock:

Goodnight sweet prince.

Blake Griffin:

A big night for Griffin as the Knicks just didn’t have anything to contend with him. 29 points on 21 shot equivalents with 6 rebounds and 8 assists. He largely did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He didn’t totally carry the Pistons to victory, several other guys had nice outings, but Griffin just kept going back to the well whenever the Pistons needed a lift.

Andre Drummond:

Continues his tear since coming back from the concussion protocol. 17 points on 14 shot equivalents with 16 rebounds, a steal, and 5 blocks for the Pistons big man. He was highly impactful on defense and got his on offense where he could. His defensive presence was excellent and he continues to get more use as a roll-man which has helped him a great deal.

Stanley Johnson:

fart noise

Jose Calderon:

Actually played pretty well. 6 points on 3 shots with an assist. His -7 and the play of his fellow bench-mob members does stand out still though lol.

Zaza Pachulia:

5 points on 2 shot equivalents, 3 rebounds, an assist, an offensive foul. Was clearly totally unable to hang with Mitchell Robinson which fueled some Knicks runs but still did mostly fine.

Luke Kennard:

Welcome to the starting lineup Luke!

Langston Galloway:

bigger fart noise


Once again, even against a team as bad as the Knicks. When so unrested you take a win no matter how ugly and it still ended up double-digits. Good game from lots of guys, especially nice to see Jackson continue to play well.

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