Game Recap/Notes: Game #65. Pistons 131 - Bulls 108 (34-31)

The Bulls are not that good but have been better of late. Regardless of how good they are, the Pistons pretty much took care of business in both games.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

At some point Jackson will cool off on his shooting, but for now it sure is nice and he’s doing work inside as well. In 25 minutes of play he scored 21 points on 15 shot equivalents and had 6 assists. He went 5-8 from deep which always helps, but he continues to be effective in finding his own baskets out of the pick and roll and it has been great to see him do so.

Wayne Ellington:

Ellington only played 15 minutes due to the combination of foul trouble and the game being a blowout but he played well while on the floor. 13 points on 6 shots in 15 minutes is impressive. Just avoid the fouls in the future.

Glenn Robinson:

Getting the start for Bruce Brown who was out with a knock and he was entirely unremarkable. Only played 13 minutes, had 2 points on 4 shots and committed 3 fouls. He’s shown some basic signs of life in some recent games and the Pistons could use him as the only wing with any real size left on the roster, but he will have to be better than this.

Blake Griffin:

I’ve been waiting to see him have a really nice game and here we are. In 27 minutes Griffin had 28 points on just 17 shot equivalents with 5 assists. He did a lot of his work inside as well, there was never any feeling that he was settling for too many threes, and he generally asserted himself whenever and wherever he wanted. Hopefully this is a sign that Blake was just going through a slump since the break and this is him breaking out of it.

Andre Drummond:

Another day another dominant performance from Drummond. In 30 minutes Drummond scored 16 points on 8 shot equivalents (6-6 from the field and 4-7 from the line!), had 15 rebounds, and was second in the game at +25 for the night. He was everywhere on defense as he usually is these days, rolled hard to the rim for lobs, asserted himself on the offensive glass, and didn’t shy away from contact inside.

Luke Kennard:

Not that great a game as his shot cooled off to 9 points on 11 shots, but he did have 9 rebounds, 4 assists, and a game-high +27. And it really felt like that stat-line looks. He was every bit as good as normal, doing all the right things to keep the bench-mob humming and getting the right shots, he just missed a few more than usual.

Langston Galloway:

Believe in the sample-size, he was bound to get hot down the stretch after shooting so poorly all season and boy has he. 21 points on 10 shots including 6-6 from deep. Galloway has now hit 12 straight 3-pointers, the franchise and NBA record is 13. Galloway also had a pair of assists to show some decent work inside the arc, and he is finally starting to live up to the billing he was originally signed for.

Thon Maker:

Weird but fairly effective game for Maker. Played 21 minutes (much in garbage time) and had 3 points on 5 shots and 6 assists(??) which I did not realize he had while watching live. Maker is not a particularly quick passer but as long as things don’t move too quickly he’s shown better vision than I expected from him. Also had a couple of nice defensive rotations.

Jon Leuer:

Got some of his 18 minutes outside of garbage time and looked good. 7 points on 6 shots, 3 dunks, and 3 rebounds. I don’t know that he will play at all when Zaza is back and healthy but I still think he’s got something in the tank.

Khyri Thomas:

Got some garbage time run and looked nice. 7 points on 5 shots and all of it inside the arc for the rookie who continues to show promise when he’s on the floor.


Good win, the Pistons are setting themselves up to have a huge pair of games against the Nets tonight and Miami after that. Keep it up.