Game Recap/Notes: Game #61. Pistons 129 - Cavs 93. (30-31)

Yes, the Cavaliers suck, but that was total domination from start to finish. Really no way to expect better.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Jackson’s stat-line is probably most indicative of the dominance the Pistons showed. In just 21 minutes, the Pistons point guard scored 24 points on 12 shot equivalents. That is literally a TS% of 100%. It was just a massacre.

Wayne Ellington:

I think it’s fair to say that Ellington has settled in with the Pistons, in this game he had 15 points on 9 shots and a pair of assists and is now shooting 36.4% from three with the Pistons after a dismal start in the first couple of games here. He’s now launching from every angle at every distance and finding it. Perhaps the best news is that he and Blake Griffin already seem to have nice chemistry in a two-man game which was a big thing to watch for.

Bruce Brown:

Played 27 minutes, had 4 points on 5 shots. Didn’t do a whole lot to be honest.

Blake Griffin:

Still hasn’t had a totally dominant game since the break, but the Pistons were so far ahead in this one so quick that its understandable that he didn’t try and take over. Still an impressive game though, 14 points, 7 rebounds, and 9 assists is a very nice night of work. Hopefully the short night will have him prepped for today’s game.

Andre Drummond:

Similar to Blake. Not a huge game but largely because they won by so much. In 26 minutes Drummond had an efficient 13 points and 10 rebounds with a couple assists, one of which was a super slick interior pass to Blake Griffin. Also worth noting, no starter had a worse +/- than +22. Yeah, this whole unit did great work.

Ish Smith:

11 points on 9 shots with 6 assists, and the bench crew did a mostly solid job other than a stretch in the 3rd quarter where it looked like they might let the Cavaliers sniff the game. Really solid outing for Ish.

Luke Kennard:

26 points on 15 shots in 22 minutes. He was super molten lava and it was awesome. If Kennard is finding a groove that he can stay in then the Pistons might have enough in their wing rotation between him and Ellington to make this actually work.

Langston Galloway:

8 points on 8 shots. Wasn’t all that impactful, hopefully he’s saving his hot night for today against the Raptors or some time when Kennard isn’t this red-hot.

Thon Maker:

5 points and 6 rebounds in 21 minutes in what was honestly a pretty solid night for Thon. I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but one good thing for his future is that the Pistons coaching staff has seemingly managed to convince him that he shouldn’t do much beyond shoot corner threes on offense, because the Bucks never really got him to stay planted there.

Glenn Robinson:

Got some actual playing time and looked ok. 6 points on 7 shots isn’t great, especially considering how comically efficient most of his teammates were, but still, he looked passable which is nice. If he could find some competent play it would really help the Pistons down the stretch because they have no one who is even a fake big-wing other than him.


Didn’t do anything.


Hit a three, tossed a couple of nice passes for assists, and nearly yammed it. He’s probably not going to be ready for any playing time this season, but it’s clear what they saw in him for the future.


Khyri Thomas also played but didn’t really do anything. Good win, the Cavaliers suck but you can’t dominate a team more than the Pistons did in this one. They now head to their next game against Toronto with a chance to get a really impressive win over a good team AND get sole possession of the 6th seed. Let’s do it.