Game Recap/Notes: Game #63. Pistons 131 - Timberwolves 114. (32-31)

Another good win. The Pistons are now back above .500 with their next two games coming against the Bulls (who have shown some signs of life recently but are still bad) so things look good and, for now at least, they are.

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Didn’t do a whole lot, but like the rest of the non-Drummond starters he didn’t really have to do much. It’s not like there was anything terrible about his performance, 5 points on 5 shots with 5 assists in 20 minutes of play. the Pistons bench+Andre was just so dominant that he wasn’t needed.

Wayne Ellington:

Continues to look comfortable and should keep slotting right in the rest of the season. 11 points on 11 shots along with 3 nice assists on the night. Some of the three-pointers that this dude takes are absurd, I wonder if he’s been this good a shooter since he was in like middle-school cause if he was much worse at any point then man he must’ve drove some coach somewhere crazy.

Bruce Brown:

Only played 15 minutes but played well. Had 4 points on 2 shots, only big issue is he had a couple of real dumb fouls including one that gave a 4-point play.

Blake Griffin:

Like Reggie Jackson, he didn’t do a ton because he didn’t really need too but I am officially a bit worried about him. He hasn’t really had it since the break, he’s still been very good, but if the Pistons want to win a playoff series they will need him to be great like he was earlier in the season. I’ll feel much better if he has a monster game soon, and every game that he is kind of flat will only give me more concern.



Yep he gets the honors for this one just because he is allowing me to continue to troll people on twitter. For all the jokes I’ve made about Andre owning Towns, it hasn’t often actually been that one sided, Andre just typically outplays him. Tonight though, tonight he sheer domination. Drummond finished with 31 points, 15 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks, and a steal in 39 minutes of work and Towns did almost all of his damage against other guys and fouled out of the game.

The funniest thing is that Andre wasn’t just doing the normal Andre stuff of getting rebounds (he had 8 offensive in this game) and dunks and whatnot, he even hit almost all his hook shots which was funny. (plz don’t let it go to your head Andre cutting those out of your game has been hugely beneficial)

Drummond was simply everywhere on defense, and dominated offense. He has long been the perfect foil for Towns and it has never been so obvious as it was tonight. Good for Andre and good for the Pistons.

Ish Smith:

When Ish gets going ho baby does he get going. 19 points on just 10 shots with 5 assists doesn’t really even do him justice. Some of his buckets were of the variety where he outright embarrasses people. Towns was left looking at ghosts on two separate occasions, and the bench mob in general slaughtered with Ish on the floor. Ish has a huge issue with scoring efficiency, but occasionally the ball goes in the hoop and he’s unstoppable.

Luke Kennard:

Our young boy may have actually figured it out. 21 points on 17 shot equivalents with 3 assists and +29(!!!) in 29 minutes of play is absurd. He’s taking shots at every angle from every spot on the floor and the offense is running through him with bench units in a way that it never really has. Kennard finding this groove is helpful, if he can stay in it he could totally change the outlook of the franchise going forward.

Langston Galloway:

Galloway joins in on being pretty effectively lately. Tonight he had 11 points on 4 shots and is now shooting almost 50% from deep since the break, a very welcome change. If Galloway can keep this up the rest of the way it would be a huge help to the rotation.

Thon Maker:

Thon has always straddled the line between somewhat useful and total disaster, but so far he has managed to do just enough right to be on the right side. Finished with 10 points on 6 shots, hit a three and had a nice alley oop dunk. Also this was probably the most successful I’ve seen a lineup be with him as the lone big on the floor. I’m not a big fan of those looks, but it is something to keep an eye on.

Glenn Robinson:

Second straight game where he didn’t play much but it was real and it was important. In 13 minutes of work he scored 7 points on 5 shots. He was active, didn’t do anything stupid, and hit a 3. He doesn’t need to be awesome, but if he can keep doing this, be competent when called upon, it would help the Pistons a great deal.


Remember today brothers. Today, life is good.