Game Recap/Notes: Game #82. Pistons 115 - Knicks 89. (41-41) 8th seed in the playoffs.

Made the playoffs. No drama, no nothing. Stepped on the throat from the start and never let up. Also, given that the Grizzlies went and put it on the Warriors (who were playing most of their guys) can we quit the fake outrage about that game being close when the Pistons were playing 4 on 5 for Blake’s minutes since he couldn’t walk?

Box score.

Reggie Jackson:

Hard to say too much cause the Knicks are so terrible but hey, bounced back from a pair of bad games with a really good one. 21 points on 15 equivalents with 7 assists and 4 rebounds is a really good outing. He was pretty much locked in from the start and played really well, and he actually had the toughest job of anyone by needing to navigate the monstrous Mitchell Robinson on his drives in the paint. In the end, the Knicks such, but Jackson was as good as you could hope for against a terrible opponent. Hopefully this means that the two game blip was just that and he will be in solid form for the playoffs.

Also, congratulations on being the only Piston to play in all 82 games this season. In the two seasons that Jackson has been healthy they’ve made the playoffs.

Wayne Ellington:

Another guy bouncing back from a couple of poor outings, Ellington didn’t go off but his 12 points on 9 shots was refreshing and a couple of his threes were absurd. It finishes off the season as Ellington got exactly what he wanted out of Detroit, a chance to get a ton of minutes and fully display his abilities on a playoff team before going for another contract this offseason. The Pistons will need him to be on target for the playoffs.

Bruce Brown:

Great game for Bruce. He absolutely swallowed up Mario Hezonja, who had been playing really well lately. Blocked several shots, never gave him an inch and Hezonja literally didn’t score. That’s pretty cool. Brown also had a couple of really nice takes to the hoop and drew some fouls to finish with 6 points on 5 shots. Bruce held on to his starting job on a playoff team all the way till the end and that’s pretty cool for a second round pick.

Thon Maker:

Only two points on 4 shot equivalents, went 0-3 from the field. Not great there. Didn’t hold them back too much, like he didn’t make any blatantly terrible plays, but really didn’t do much. But that’s ok cause Playoff Thon is coming.

Andre Drummond:

I mean, what else is there to say? In just 28 minutes Andre had 20 points, 18 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. Mitchell Robinson finished a couple of lobs over him but Robinson has done that to a lot of people, other than that Andre totally handled him the entire game. Things were getting so out of hand that Andre was posting up Knicks defenders and cooking them so badly that he put his hand to the floor in the universal “He’s too small” gesture. The Pistons needed to win these last two games (technically they only ended up needing one but whatever) and Andre came through and carried them home when Blake was hobbled. Great finish to a great season.

Glenn Robinson:

Played 32 minutes, which is the most he’s played in a while. And he did pretty well, 9 points on 7 shots, had a huge block and a couple of really nice rebounds (he finished with 9 rebounds as well) and generally looked really energetic. He still gets lost on both ends a decent amount, there was one possession you could hear Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond screaming at him to start the set and he just didn’t do it, Andre literally pulled him into position on defense once, but he looked solid. If Blake is going to sit out/be on limited minutes the Pistons will need him, also, they will need him to guard Giannis at least a little bit in the playoffs so hopefully this game can carry over.

Luke Kennard:

He must’ve read my piece.

Kennard was in full big-balls mode and finished with 27 points on just 16 shot equivalents. Also had 5 rebounds and a pair of assists to go with it. He was pulling from every angle and distance, and at one point faked the Knicks defense so far out of their shoes that the entire crowd made an audible gasp. I wonder if Luke was off the past few games being bothered by whatever caused him to miss one a week ago, either way, it’s great to see him get back into form because they need him playing like this.

Ish Smith:

Laid a dud, but given how he played last time out I think we can forgive him.

Langston Galloway:

8 points on 8 shots for Langston which is good enough. Now lets hope he isn’t super cold in the playoffs.

Zaza Pachulia:

Played quite a bit but a lot was in garbage time. Still mostly looked bad but at least managed to make a few pretty good plays.

Khyri Thomas:

Got some garbage run, didn’t do anything other than miss a couple of shots. Calderon and Leuer also played and did nothing.


Made it. In the end that’s what really matters. A full playoff preview should be up later today or early tomorrow depending on how some things break.