Opponent Scouting: Memphis Grizzlies. (32-48)

Tonight at 7:00pm EST the Pistons will be facing the Memphis Grizzlies. The Pistons are on one day of rest after losing to the Hornets while the Grizzlies are on one day of rest after losing to Dallas.

The Them:

The Grizzlies are bad but this version of them is even worse. Here is, as of now, the full list of guys they will be missing: Kyle Andersen, Avery Bradley, Dillon Brooks, Mike Conley, Jaren Jackson, C.J. Miles, Joakim Noah, and Jonas Valanciunas.

This means their theoretical rotation tonight should look like this. Delon Wright, over from the Raptors, is long and can shoot. Justin Holiday is a good shooter, Bruno Caboclo is a great athlete and very long and even starting to get close to being ready to play. I don’t really know much about Tyler Dorsey or Ivan Rabb but they both started last game.

Chandler Parsons is back playing but hasn’t played very well. Tyler Zeller can do some basic big-man stuff.

This team is as bare-bones as they come. There really is no excuse to lose this game.

Matchups to watch:

  • Pistons vs. Coming to play: I mean, yeah. Blake or no Blake, one-legged Blake or not. You simply can’t lose this game.

  • Andre vs. The Fishing village: Got right back on track against the Hornets, hypothetically no one on the Grizzlies should have much of a real chance to hold up against him so should be on track for another good game.

  • Luke vs. Shooting the ball: Since he missed a game he’s come back hesitant and missing shots. Let it fly young-gun. Let it fly.

  • Don’t make me very sad: yeah.

So in conclusion…

Wink knowingly at your friends if:

  • Andre is smashing everything.

  • The Pistons actually hit some shots.

  • It’s a double-digit lead in the first quarter.

Run for the hills if:

  • The Pistons are losing in the 4th quarter.

  • Chandler Parsons has a throwback.

  • The Pistons lose.